Saturday, February 07, 2009


Not much going on around here, lots of work, lots of board work, some running, some knitting, little housework.

Weather has been variable in the Duluth area. Warm, then cold, then warm again. Personally, I would rather it stayed in the 20's and we got some snow, than the threat of "freezing drizzle"! Haven't cross-country skied since the last thaw (hate using 'peanut butter' on my skis). Hear the local trail is in good shape though, so may give it a try in the morning when it is cooler.

Runs this week:

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 0 (usually run, but between Job A and Job B have only an hour and due to other stressors opted to accomplish a few errands instead vs adding yet another one)
Wednesday: 5.2 miles (amazing sunset over the hills of Duluth)
Thursday: 2.7 miles (Run to work and first time I have used the nano during a run, turned down low)
Friday: 0
Saturday: 7.3 miles (nice, hilly run from home up to Skyline, out to Oneota and back)
Sunday: planned - 1.5 hours of soccer, possibly a ski in the morning.

All of my recent runs have been on pavement. Time of the year - hard to hit the trails right now with my schedule. Do manage to slip in a short section of trail on my way to work on thursdays. This week I really did slip on that section of trail! Had taken the screws out of my shoes as the roads were pretty clear, but with the melt/freeze cycle... lets just say the trails are a bit slick!

The last few long runs have been from my house, heading west on Skyline Boulevard. Leaving my house I encounter a small dip, then it is relatively flat for a few blocks. Have to cross a four lane 'highway' which is always good for getting the heart rate up as I try to predict if a car is coming around the blind corner or not. Another couple of flat blocks and then I need to head uphill if I want to get to Skyline. It is steep and goes on for three blocks before I can take a short reprieve on a gentler slope. Once I reach Skyline I loop back two blocks to meet my running partner (it beats adding those two blocks onto the steep uphill part!). From then on we stay on Skyline, heading west to the Oneota Cemetery, which for now is my turn around point. Skyline is one of those interesting roads in Duluth: uphill in both directions; built on an ancient beach left over from Glacial Lake Duluth; winds around a lot of rock outcrops and creeks; mostly undeveloped on the western portions; and a favorite hangout of teenagers and folks who like to drive fast on curvy roads. All the hills and curves make for an interesting run. The teenagers and other folks hanging out at the overlooks in the summer mean I usually run with a partner or my cell phone - just in case.

On the way back I never seem to notice the downhills as much as I did the uphills - that is until I get closer to home and have the 4+ blocks of straight downhill running. Of course that is all undone by the little dip a block from my house - now a steep incline! All of this followed by the need to climb 36 steps to get into the house - who needs a stairmaster?!

Discussed the Isle Royale trip with my usual backpacking partner (third annual, in September) and may head out there in May to check out the wildflowers. I had been asked about the wisdom of paying the ferry fee to see what I could very well see on the mainland, but confirmed today that there are species on Isle Royale that cannot be seen along the north shore. Settled. Will head out to the island after the Superior 25k and before the vacationing hoards (and black flies) descend. Mr. Wildknits is interested in coming along even though this falls during a busy time of year for him. He has much experience, though none recently, hanging out while I get all geeky over flowers ;->

Got a new camera last week - lighter weight and more portable than my other digital. Plus has a great macro feature that will allow me to zoom in on those flowers! Expect to see more photos from spring runs. In the meantime enjoy some photos of my latest knitting project:

"Hartley Hat" Fingering weight yarns. 180 sts (9sts/inch). Debating how deep I want the hat - over the ears, or a bit shorter so it works better when I wear it indoors (in other words, I can hear)?

Had to go diving into my stash today to find just the right shade of teal to match a friends sweater that I was darning. I am usually not much of a darner, but this was a little hole on the elbow that I had pointed out to her and should have been a fairly simple fix. It was in the end, but it took a few tries to get a decent looking patch. In the process I found all kinds of fun yarn and patterns that had gone missing! I really need to spread all of my yarn out and see what I have. May invite a friend or two over to take away some yarn at the same time. I have a lot (really a lot - like a paper grocery bag full) of partial skeins of sock yarn. Not sure what to do with it. If you have any ideas feel free to post them in the comments.


Jim in Big lake said...

Now does your competition has three 0 s in their training logs for last week ? ? ? ? tak tsk

nice pattern on the Hartley !

wildknits said...

My competition is probably more durable then me ;->

Yeah - there should be only two zero's...

Thanks for the compliment on the hat!

Chris said...

New cameras are always fun! So is discovering lost treasures in one's stash.

Jenny said...

Nice close-up! Hope you're enjoying the new camera.

wildknits said...

Having fun with the new camera. Need to try it out on a run one of these days. Missed an opportunity for a great sunset last week - this week... too many clouds and rain for any decent pictures.