Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remember those blisters I mentioned?

Well, covered them with blister pads before skiing on Sunday and thy gave me no real trouble. Weren't bugging me yesterday on my 3 mile walk. Right one a little tender this morning, but headed out for a 5 miler anyway. Could feel it a bit on the uphills (which there were plenty of) but no real pain. Got home, hiking up the 36 steps was a bit awkward, but not awful. Took off my shoes, socks and then the blister pads to find:

That ought to be fun for the rest of the day! Will need to figure out another means of padding this for the work day and the rest of this weeks running. Blister pad took off what skin was there, though the left foot still has intact skin.

Funny thing: I am the "foot care" nurse at work ;-> My feet would be a nightmare if I were diabetic! Blisters, calluses, dry skin.... Guess I should apply some of those skills I have learned and honed over the past few years to my own feet.


Samantha said...

Ow, ow, ow. Is it a seam or something on your shoes that does it? There's these awesome pads that are meant to go over shoe seams and make them smooth that worked fantastic for me.

Chris said...

Ow!!! :(

wildknits said...

Actually only hurts when the back of my shoe rubs on it now ;-> Eventually bent the back of my birkies down so that they didn't rub. Will leave open to air as much as possible tonight and hope that with adequate padding tomorrow's run will be doable.

No seam, just lots of skiing over the weekend and then pulling the blister pad off and taking the loose skin with it.

Funny thing - doesn't hurt to touch it!

Jim in Big lake said...

Ouch !....duct tape !!!!!!!!! it works !

wildknits said...

Have used duct tape in the past - simply forgot about the tendency for blisters until it was too late.

Sam showed me a neat blister pad thing that goes inside the shoe - may get them for my ski boots (and maybe some other shoes that cause problems).