Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ran 6 yesterday - not fast but I am blaming it on the north wind gusting 20+ mph and the previous days hilly 5 miles. Yup - it was a bit breezy out there on the Lakewalk last night. Best part: sun was shining and it did not get dark until near the end of the run. Sunset over the hill was fantastic; lake was beautiful - even saw a duck or two out there amongst the bits of ice.

I had bundled up as the temps were in the single digits with windchills in the subzero range and I have (well-documented in previous posts) issues with the cold. The whole time I was thinking I was overdressing, but didn't really care. Layers included: long running bra, Sporthill 3SP top, sugoi hoodie, fleece vest, wind jacket; Warm Skin lotion to face and hands, balaclava, hood from hoodie, wool hat, polypro gloves, thin wool/silk mittens, wool mittens; tights, Sporthill 3sp tights, wind pants; large bandages for heels, Darn Tough thick wool socks, shoes. Turns out I was not overdressed. Didn't remove the top layer of mittens until the turn around, unzipped a bit then also as the wind was kind of at my back. Kept waiting for the wind to be truly at my back and push me along the way it had slowed me down on the way out. Never felt like that happened.

Have to admit that I get tired of the wind, but keep telling myself it is resistance training ;->

Right heel felt pretty good until the last couple of miles when it would 'catch' occasionally and I had to resist the urge to change my stride to avoid causing pain. Walking uphill/upstairs was a bit uncomfortable later that evening.

Got home to a fired up sauna - nothing like 180+ degrees to get you right with the world. Great place to stretch too (and browse through a new knitting catalogue that had arrived ;-> )

So - break from what??? Running to work. Had gone to bed planning on getting up early enough to eat and run to work. Woke around 4 am with my heel hurting. By the time I got up and limped around the house a bit I decided that a run today would not be a good idea. My plans for the weekend include: Saturday - 4 mile hike on the SHTA; 6 mile run (step back week); Sunday - 1.5 hours of soccer. None of this was going to be pleasant if I did not allow my heel to heal. There is a small crack that goes through the layers of skin and I decided an extra rest day may be the only way I was going to make it through Sundays' soccer game. Bandaged up my foot with a little bacitracin and headed to work where I have 'modified' my Birkenstocks to be clogs for the time being.

Tonight Northland Runner ( was hosting movie night at Lake Superior College. They showed Prefontaine. My little heel injury is nothing to running with 10 stitches in your foot! They are hoping to make this a monthly event, rumor has it Chariots of Fire is next up. Keep an eye on the Northland Runner website for updates on movie night.

Took time during the movie to finish up the first half-mitt I started last weekend and cast-on and knit two inches of the second one. Organizers had the lights up just enough that I could even rip back a thumb and pick up stitches during the movie.


Chris said...

I hope your heel is healing quickly!!

Jim in Big lake said...

I got a few questions last weekend in Ely on my XC trip, others seeing only the outer windshell I was wearing, and asking if I was cold. What they could not see were the 3 layers of wicking/warm layers under....I stayed just right and could unzip and shed as necessary.

SteveQ said...

Your sauna goes to 180?! Yowza.

wildknits said...

heel is better - could wear shoes with backs today and walk up stairs with no pain. Tempting to head out the door for some exercise - after all it is 27 degrees out, but will give it another day and focus instead on - shudder - housework, grocery shopping and other domestic items. yippee.

i am a big fan of layering and do not regret the money spent on my outdoor play clothes. may be forced to knit a pair of gloves out of laceweight wool on 0000 needles if I can not find gloves that fit soon!

Steve - not sure if the reply I sent went through... but sauna is wood fired and 180 is the minimum I consider worthy of being out there for. Less than that and I just stew in my skin vs sweating. 200 is a nice temp... and , if conditions are right you can make it rain in the sauna ;->

Samantha said...

Kyle loves his saunas, I haven't tried them in several years but I lean towards thinking you're both crazy!

I think the plan is to have movies in winter only, since people would rather be outside in summer, but that might change.

Thanks for the Kongs! Breezy is very happy.

wildknits said...

Sam - I think you need to give saunas another try - we could have you and Kyle over... we are traditionalist i should warn you (sans garments) and will toss water on the stove from time to time.

Winter only makes perfect sense to me for movies. I like to be outdoors and all that daylight makes it much more appealing in the summer.

glad breezy likes them. Nice to know they are appreciated!