Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hartley Hat

Why is this hat named after a park and nature center in Duluth???

The original Hartley Hat was designed for a silent auction fundraiser back in the days when Hartley Nature Center staff (including me) worked out of the trunks of our cars, offering environmental education programs to school children throughout the Twin Ports area and up on the Iron Range. What was the fundraising for? Programing, equipment and a building. I stopped working for Hartley Nature Center about the same time the building became a reality - went back to school and changed careers ;->

Patterns include: Latvian Braid; Heart Crook, unnamed pattern of my own design for the crown, and i-cord knot to finish it off.

Pictures of the finished hat blocking:

Glass head from Pier 1. Not sure what it's real 'purpose' was, but it is great for blocking hats. Usually sits atop our piano decorated with a green cloth top hat and a tiara. Yeah, we are rather eclectic decorators. Tonight it will sit atop the heating vent in hopes that it will be dry by morning (really want to wear it on my run to work and show it off - did I mention I am in love with this hat?).

This week in running:

Not much to report.

Sunday: Soccer (1.5 hours) where I received a lovely bruise on the medial side of my right lower leg, from knee on down to mid-calf. Took me a while to figure out what caused it: hard blow to the shinguard from a soccer ball fired at me as I guarded the goal. Stopped the shot at least.
Monday: 0 - my day off after a weekend of running
Tuesday: 0 - skipped my run - it was another "ice day/rain day" and a bad day at work - opted for a pint of Beamish and the company of good friends instead.
Wednesday: 7.57 miles - usually do 5.2, but got sucked along into an out and back and out again by the promise of a ride back to my car and the guilt of skipping Tuesday's run. Could also work as my long run for this week if the anticipated ski weekend materializes, assuming all the snow hasn't been washed away.

On the knitting needles:

Nothing yet (hush, we do not mention the lace curtains in polite company!). Thinking about a pair of fingerless mittens in some fingering weight that surfaced the other day. Pattern idea, needles and yarn all packed away waiting for me to cast-on.

Planning on having a couple of friends over in a week and a half for a stash dive. Will open up the bins and 'free' myself of some yarn. The key will be to not go through it ahead of time and hold too much back. Though I am secretly hoping neither of them loves lace weight the way I do. A comment was made by Mr. Wildknits that I shouldn't free myself of so much yarn I have to go shopping. Good point. Will need to find a balance point there I guess.


Chris said...

Nice hat!!

Hee hee - you've been knitting those lace curtains for longer than I've known you. :)

wildknits said...

Lace curtains?!?! What lace curtains? I recently unearthed them. Think I am pretty close to having one finished. Just need time... 1.5 hours per repeat of the pattern... in linen non the less.

And thanks for the compliment on the hat. Wore it on my run today - very cozy. Plus - matches my running jacket ;->