Friday, September 29, 2006

Icarus unblocked II.

Not sure what happened, but 40 minutes of uploading of pictures interspersed with writing disappeared. Aargh!

It has been two months since my last post - yeah, about the way I write letters too.

The whole point tonight is to share pictures of Icarus. Completed almost a month ago, languishing in its' unblocked state. But hey, I finally got around to taking pictures of it!

First photo is of Icarus on my Haralred apple tree. Good crop this year and so far no broken branches or bear maulings. The apples need to be picked soon, but they are a good eating and storage apple, so we will be enjoying them into the winter. I should have gotten a picture of our plum tree and it's crop. We had to prop some branches and were begging people to come share in the bounty. Lots of plums were eaten (even Porter likes them) and shared in the Duluth area.

Second photo is a close up of the edging. Pretty nice as is - can't wait to see it after a hard blcoking.

Third photo - Autumn crocus at the base of the apple tree. One of my favorite flowers. Emerges just in time for my birthday :->

The last photo is a good visual description of why I have been away so long. We started the game with 9 players (full team is 11), eventually got 11 players and even a sub or two for the injured players :-> I had run a 6.6 mile trail run (Bangin' in the Brush) the day before and the photo is from the second half I believe.