Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21

columbine and scilla


mertensia (virginia bluebells)


Above are scenes from my backyard and below is a quick look at the Superior Hiking Trail as it passes above/behind my house:

There is a little bit of mud on the trail but I see no signs of snow or ice. Below is the view from just below the trail, at the site we call "the sitting tree". Looking south down the St. Louis River estuary.

Went for a run today with Rick Bothwell out at Jay Cooke State Park. Decided we would tackle some hills on what we call the "south loop" (across the swinging bridge, including Ridge, Summer, Bear Chase, Lost Lake, and Silver Creek trails).

It was a beautiful day for a run, mid 40's when I headed out and mid 50's when I got back.

Some of the hills

Wolf kill?

While running here last fall/early winter we saw plenty of wolf tracks. Guess they are thinning the herd.

The St. Louis River spied through the trees along the Silver Creek Trail.
The roar was amazing! Along with birdsong one of the sounds of spring

St. Louis River above the Swinging Bridge

The river below the bridge.

I am looking forward to more runs on dirt as spring progresses.

Spent a few days in the Twin Cities (adult vaccine conference at the Arboretum) which offered me the opportunity to run at Hyland a couple of days. Thursday I arrived in time to miss rush hour (shudder) and joined Mike W., Wayne and Karen for a nice tour of the park. Saturday morning I joined Helen, Val and Eric and was introduced to hill repeats. I now have a better mental image of parts of the Trail Mix course which may be helpful in a few weeks.