Friday, March 02, 2007

Thanks to Chris for suggesting a solution to my uploading of photos problem. Based on her suggestions I did a bit of playing around with iphoto and figured out how to shrink down the pictures so that they would load in my lifetime (love the dial-up). Hence I feel like I can share what some Duluthians do with two feet of snow.

Our front porch is about 8 feet or so off of the ground.

I spent an hour snowshoeing the Superior Hiking Trail near our house, packing down the trail ( I was the first one out) and watching Porter struggle through the snow. He is 100 lbs, tall enough to reach the top of the table without stretching, and was up to his chest in snow for most of the walk. Good work out for both of us!

Last night we got it all in Duluth. High winds (60 mph), thunder and lightening. Drifts on Park Point are over 10 feet. We are still waiting for a plow to come along on our street. Today there was hardly any wind and just some nice fat snowflakes drifting down most of the day.

Back to knitting. Details of the Bobble cable hat. The pattern is from Interweave Knits, originally designed as a baby's hat. I have made a few minor changes to the pattern. I had knit it up about a year or two ago, kept seeing it on the head of the person I had gifted it to and decided I needed one of my own.

This version is knit up in Jitterbug - Blue Parrot colorway. Jitterbug is a 100% superwash merino. Very soft. part of my christmas gift from my family this year (the gift certificate was - I chose the yarn).

The missing house - dug out the next day. The drift is at least 5 feet deep over his house - a bit more in some spots.

Last night Porter asked to go out - as he usually does - but couldn't find his house (look under the drift in the previous post). This is what he thought of the blizzard!

Okay - the missing photos from last night and a few interesting ones from today - One at a time :->

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snowed in! We have gone from winter drought to the possiblitiy of catching up, all in one week. Last weekend we got a foot of snow, took until Wednesday to dig the cars out. Today - Thursday - the Duluth Schools were closed, but the DTA was running so off to work I went - for awhile. The clinic closed at one and will not reopen until Monday. The roads looked pretty good up until about 3:00 pm, then the snow started. Heavy snowfall and winds gusting up to 60 mph give you the first photo (one car buried, another on its way and believe it or not they plowed today!)

Porter has a doghouse out back - care to try and find it in the picture of my neighbors house? Look under the drift at it's highest point on the house. Earlier today Sarah had dug it out so Porter could get to it! Notice Porter's reaction to not being able to find his house for his evening ritual of heading outside to sleep for a few hours.

The Bobble-Cable hat is finished. One photo shows details of the cabled rim, the other shows the whole hat. Knit with Jitterbug - Blue Parrot colorway.

Stay warm and snug. I am casting on for a baby surprise and thinking of all the fun to be had digging out in a day or two. The cross-country skis may actually get used yet this year! Plus, we just gained some great insulation if the temps drop again (still in the mid 20's F here, though with winds at 55 - 60 mph who knows what the windchill is).

Addendum: after waiting for 40 minutes and having only one picture load I am giving up for the night. I'll try and post the rest of the photos tomorrow.