Friday, March 02, 2007

Thanks to Chris for suggesting a solution to my uploading of photos problem. Based on her suggestions I did a bit of playing around with iphoto and figured out how to shrink down the pictures so that they would load in my lifetime (love the dial-up). Hence I feel like I can share what some Duluthians do with two feet of snow.

Our front porch is about 8 feet or so off of the ground.

I spent an hour snowshoeing the Superior Hiking Trail near our house, packing down the trail ( I was the first one out) and watching Porter struggle through the snow. He is 100 lbs, tall enough to reach the top of the table without stretching, and was up to his chest in snow for most of the walk. Good work out for both of us!

Last night we got it all in Duluth. High winds (60 mph), thunder and lightening. Drifts on Park Point are over 10 feet. We are still waiting for a plow to come along on our street. Today there was hardly any wind and just some nice fat snowflakes drifting down most of the day.

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Chris said...

It actually sounds very idyllic!

And you're quite welcome. :)