Monday, February 09, 2009

"Ice Day"

Funny, it isn't even raining anymore...

All Duluth schools are closed (didn't know that as no longer have kids in school, though does explain why the commute to work was relatively child-free).

Opted to get a ride to work today, anticipating ice accumulation and an inability to get back home in the evening with my car (new tires are crap on snow and ice). About 10:00 am our clinic decided to close due to the weather! So, yeah, it was raining when I headed to work but that was all - no ice accumulation. Took us awhile to shut down as we needed to see the patients that were actually present and contact everyone scheduled for today (and tomorrow - just in case). Walked outside at noon: no rain, almost dry roads!!! Granted, it is a little icy up at my house (higher on the hillside) and I did have a patient report ice at his place over the hill; but enough to close down?!?!

A rant could be forthcoming about how wimpy we all are and how I do not remember closing down due to predicted bad weather when I was a kid, but what would be the point?

On the other hand... I have a LOT of work to do for the boards I am on, so will take this "free day" to get at that stuff during daylight hours (and maybe head out the door for a run - once I put the screw back in my shoes ;-> ; and/or fire up the sauna)

Drive safe if you are in the zone of icy weather!


Jim in Big lake said...

Many snowplow out going into teh gym this morning, but the commutes in and out were fine, we lucked out down here, hope you had a productive day !

Chris said...

I'm sure I could add to your wimpiness rant! :) Back when we were kids, they had REAL amounts of snow, dammit.

wildknits said...

Made it through the bylaws and sent them off. Found a local podcast about knitting, listened to most of them while working on the bylaws. Made great progress on the Hartley Hat, so... guess it was a productive day. Also ate waaaay too much - shouldn't be left alone with food apparently.

It had looked like a good snow year, but the rain is ruining that!.

Danger... the ice cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce is calling!

SteveQ said...

When I see the crawl at the bottom of the TV screen say Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig is closed, I always think, "Must be cloudy." That 20 day school year must be rough.