Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long run+recent snowfall+snowmobile trail =

Tired runner. Plan called for 10 miles. Agreed to meet a friend at a local snowmobile trail (middle of her 19 miles for the day) and test the trail out, knowing at the most we would do 1.5 miles before having the option to bail out and hit the roads if conditions were too soft.

Temperature when I got up: -4F. When I left home it was 2F. Not too bad, though the wind was a bit brisk. Good news was that it would be at our backs on the way home ;-> At least the sun was shining! The trail had been well traveled and seemed pretty firm so off we went. This trail is hilly and runs along a powerline... brings to mind a certain section of the Voyageur trail, though none of the hills are that steep, but a few are longer.

All went pretty well, no ankle rolls, sun was nice, and footing was pretty good. Hills were a challenge, but I am okay with a little power walking if that is what it takes. We passed one area where the groomer had gone by; the snow was very smooth and I was expecting it to be firmer... it was not! Plus you never knew what was underneath - inch of soft snow or three. Soon passed out of that area and headed on west, grateful for the firmer footing of the ungroomed trail.

Well... lets just say the groomer was very active that day. After the turn around point, we ran into him again. Soft snow for a mile or so. Got to an area he had not been to yet - yeah, firmer footing! When what do we hear? Yup, groomer coming up from behind (while we were heading up a hill!). So, finished the run on soft snow. Resistance training anyone?

So much for for any attempt at low heart rate training! I was pushing up against my max heart rate more than once and had to walk more hills on the way back then I would have liked.

Stats for the run:
Mileage: 8.4 - 10 miles (not sure of total distance at this point - felt pretty long by the end)
Time: 1:43:58 (49 mins at the turn around)
Avg. heart rate: 162
Peak heart rate: 176 (think this was accurate as I peeked at my watch whenever I had to walk)
Min. heart rate: 89
In zone: 1:12 ( H.R.: 162-183)

So, do I go out and try and make up the missing mileage or do I factor in the effort of running so many miles in soft snow?


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It was actually quite toasty out there with the sun shining - even peeled a layer off on the way back ;->