Sunday, March 01, 2009

Socks for Ella

Here they are (note - for some reason the colors are a bit washed out - carpet is more a forest green, socks a darker blue):

Finished these up while catching up on the only podcast I follow:

Done by a local knitter who is married to a local biker: Covers a range of topics. Check it out. I am finding it a nice addition to a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

While listening to her speak about repetition and learning I thought about how many times I have knit socks and how, due to the repetition of this activity I carry a sock pattern around in my head. I no longer write a pattern down except to note number of stitches cast on, how long to make the ribbing (sometimes, usually if I am doing colorwork)and how many stitches to pick up on the heel flap - and this is only so they will 'match'. Really, all I need is a tracing of the person's foot (assuming they are not for me). Same thing goes for hats and mittens. This can pose a problem when a design has been successful and either I want to replicate it, or someone else would like the pattern. Although I have been known to write down the basics for someone on a scrap of paper ;-> Of course this is how knitting has been passed on for generations - person to person.

Another of her podcasts got me thinking about pulling out the lace curtains and finishing them up - perfect project for a quiet afternoon or evening of knitting. There are fewer distractions around the house now so fewer excuses for not working on this particular project. Still, I will need a portable project now that the socks are done. Any suggestions?

After talking with my running partner of yesterday we are settling on 9 miles for the total distance. I opted not to run today, will play soccer but spent some time looking up taping instructions and will most likely tape the ankle today. It doesn't exactly hurt, but I know it is there. Soccer is bound to put me in a situation where a roll is likely to happen, so will err on the side of caution. This weeks injury has me rethinking playing soccer at all this summer or fall. The potential for an injury that wrecks my training schedule - such as it is - is pretty high.

Off to purchase pre-wrap and tape and run around a gym for an hour and a half.


Chris said...

My basic sock pattern for myself is in my head, too, and I just note down the critical measurements/counts so I can use them on the 2nd sock.

wildknits said...

basically my method. What is really scary is when I blank on something like how to kitchener stitch! Then I wonder about my memory.... thought knitting was supposed to be good for the brain!

Jenny said...

Love the socks! If you need suggestions and have absolutely nothing else to work on, I wouldn't mind a hat and scarf to go along with my socks - or another pair of socks since you seem to be in the sock mode right now. ;)

wildknits said...

Will keep this in mind.... but you may have to get in line ;->