Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost the middle of March and subzero weather

So - this week has seen the winter storm that wasn't and a return to subzero weather. Typical March in northern Minnesota.

Sunday was an hour and a half of soccer. Legs were pretty tired at first from Saturday's long run, but quickly warmed up with all the sprinting back and forth across the gym. No major injuries, though kept rolling my ankles (despite taping the right one) and chose to sit for a bit in hopes of not really hurting myself. Ended the game with a mild bloody nose from a chance meeting with another players shoulder - at least it wasn't a ball to the face this week!

Monday was a well-deserved day off, though I was tempted to get out and run after seeing the weather forecast for Tuesday. Supposed to get 10 to 15 inches of snow and howling winds off of the Lake. Opted out as my shins hurt - not only when they are touched but also while running (some times).

Tuesday I wasn't able to run from job to job. Had a board meeting in the evening, so only working one job. Wasn't even sure about driving to work as it can be difficult getting my car back up the hill when the roads are bad, but got up too late to run. Board meeting was canceled (due to the storm) and I was "free" after work. Roads weren't too bad and it was still light out. Hey, I could get a run in! Got home and headed out into the storm. Hardly any cars on the road due to the weather so I was able to enjoy the run without too many worries about vehicles sliding into me. Threw a headlamp into my pocket (where it stayed) as I was not sure what time it got dark. Ran 45 minutes through a few inches of fresh snow, with more falling all the time. Wind wasn't too bad, temperature a balmy 30 degrees. Perfect!

Wednesday was another story. Winds had picked up overnight and were pretty strong out of the northwest. Funny, but during the run they seemed more west to south west. Nothing like 2.5 miles into a headwind (out and back course). Shins were pretty sore intermittently during the run so was rethinking Thursday's run due to the rapid descent at the start. Ended up deciding to run as: 1) no other way to get the miles in and 2) daughter needed the car.

Thursday I woke up to -12 degrees. Quick peek outside and check of the weather showed calm winds, so not too bad of a day to run to work. Slammed down my two cups of coffee, bundled up, strapped on the pack (this week including two books of poetry by Bill Holm for a co-worker), and headed out the door. For some reason it felt really cold and it took almost a mile before my fingers were completely warm. Of course, by then the frost was accumulating around the opening of my balaclava and on my eyelashes. Shins felt okay (lots of icing the night before) and traction on the roads was pretty good. I only hit one spot where the footing was slippery. I have a four block section of downhill (no way around it, roads dead end into a field) on this route. The grader had just finished on this street and it was slick! Caught me by surprise and I am sure I looked funny as I ran down this street taking tiny little steps. Found that if I ran in the soft stuff on the side I was fine, but couldn't step out where the grader had been or I would slip. The grader and I met at a corner at the top of the hill and then he turned around and headed down past me. Roads in this part of Duluth are not very wide.... one way to get the heart rate up! Shins felt okay during the run but will take tomorrow off before the long run Saturday and last soccer game Sunday.


Zander's Hat

Turn a Square pattern by Jared Flood adapted to fingering weight wool. Hard to see the stripes, but they are there. Two different colors of variegated yarn (left overs from all the sock knitting). I really like the look of the shaping on this one - will post a picture when it is finished.

Scarf for the silent auction is waiting for me to get back to it - birthday in a few days trumps annual meeting in two months ;->


Jenny said...

REALLY like the hat! Good move to not go with the rolled bottom. Looks more manly this way for my little man. ;) I think he'll love it!

wildknits said...

Hope so... will start the decreases now - or tomorrow as I am getting tired.

Should bring out the color of his eyes!

Chris said...

It's nuts that yesterday it was -7 when I left for work and today it'll be near 40 when I get home...