Saturday, March 21, 2009

Loooooooong week

Realized it has been over a week since I posted - and what a week! Saturday headed out in the sunshine and warm temps for my long run (10 miles, step back week). Had packed my cell phone along with water and a snack. Why the phone? Mr. Wildknits was at a fly-in up north and I figured he would be checking in while I was out on my run.

He did... and it was sad and somewhat scary news. A friend had been in an airplane crash. As I ran all I could do was send thoughts (prayers) towards our friend, hoping he would be okay. Finished the run, changed and headed to the hospital to be there until more family could arrive.

It has been a hard to describe week. It is difficult to focus on every day life when faced with concern about a good friend.

Though I have spent a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms this past week I have not found it to be productive knitting time.

Have persisted in running my usual schedule as it is one way to work through the emotions generated by this incident (moving meditation/prayer).

Last time I posted it was -12 F on my morning run. This past Tuesday it was close to 50 degrees! Wednesday a bit cooler and with the obligatory wind (in my face both ways). Thursday still colder with a brisk east wind (off the Lake). Friday is my day off from running and instead I walked a fair amount, into a damp wind and snow. From home to work B and then from there to the hospital for a visit. Roads were pretty icy and I think I was moving faster than most of the cars ;->

Today I am in the Twin Cities for a visit to REI, amongst other things. Had a 20% off coupon and dividend burning a hole in my pocket. We've been looking for a lighter tent for backpacking trips and I decided I would take advantage of the coupon to lessen the financial blow. Since REI is a bit like a candy store it can be hard to get out of there without buying more than originally intended. Did okay today - picked up only one unplanned item - bottle brush for my Sigg (and camelback bladder).

Tomorrow will head to Lakes Harriet and Calhoun with a friend for a 12 mile run, then to the American Swedish Institute to catch the Bohus exhibit.

Have been contemplating heading down for Trail Mix this year - using it as a long run prior to the Superior 25K. I race fairly infrequently, but have had a few folks mention this race to me as a fun one. We shall see....

Happy 18 to my daughter Sarah!!!(proof that you can fit 18 candles on a cupcake)

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Chris said...

Happy 18 to Sarah!

So sorry to hear about your friend. :(

Are you heading north again before the snow's supposed to start?