Friday, January 30, 2009

What passes for entertainment

Ribbed Hat - completed:

Hartley Hat - just started:

180 sts. Mid-process in a Latvian Braid. For the uninitiated that is a technique which results in the two yarns wrapping themselves ever more tightly around each other as you progress; gets a bit tricky about halfway through the round. Then, on the next round the yarn progressively untwists itself. The result is a very cool looking braid. The whole process takes three rounds. On the first round you knit, alternating the two colors (easy to do - one yarn in each hand, no twisting). The second and third rounds involve purling (which I have not mastered with two colors in two hands - this means a lot of dropping and picking up of yarns), with the alternate colors being brought over (and on the third round, under) each other - hence the twisting and untwisting of yarn.

I did this twice, in order to have a two braid edge to this hat (maybe next time I should reverse the order of over and under and see if the braid 'heads' in the other direction...). Figuring my gauge is going to be somewhere in the 9 sts to the inch range (I hope, or will be looking for someone with an even smaller head than mine!)

Will (hopefully) post pictures of the hat in progress as well as on completion. Any guesses for how long that will take?

Running is going pretty well. A little bit of lateral knee soreness the past couple of days. Combined with the shins being a bit touchy I am wondering about all the time I am spending running on roads and downhill. Thursday's are still 'running to work' days; and that may be the problem. The first mile plus involves a fair amount of downhill running (at one point about 4 or so blocks straight). May need to explore the old route through the woods and fields and see if it is runnable to spare the legs. Total mileage for the week (don't laugh!):17. Yup - the reality is that I am a low mileage runner. For example, lets look at what a typical week of running is like:

Monday: 0 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 5.2 miles
Thursday: 2.7 miles
Friday: 0 miles
Saturday: 6 - 7 miles
Sunday: 1.5 to 3 hours of soccer (aka speedwork)

Granted, right now I am in that stage of my training plan where I just want to get consistent about running. Soon the long runs will get longer and I will be looking for rides out east or west so I can run the whole time with the wind at my back. But still, my high mileage months look like other runners weeks ;->

Loving all the sunshine we have been having, though longing for a bit of a warmup and for the winds to die down. I know, live in the wrong place for that - but a girl can hope!


Jim in Big lake said...

Nice looking hat ! And good luck with the base building miles, stay strong !

Chris said...

Was it as warm in Duluth as it was here today?!

I like to simply admire Latvian braids from a safe distance. ;)

wildknits said...

Long run today went well - though felt kinda hard. Got home, compared my time to the last time I ran this route and... hey did it 5 minutes faster!

Chris, I am actually in the Cities, baking in the heat. Ended up driving with my windows down as it was so warm! I hear it was quite nice in Duluth too, though.

SteveQ said...

If you're in the cities, check out the Bohut sweater exhibit at the American Swedish Institute. That's some fancy knitting!

wildknits said...

Hope this display stays up awhile longer - long enough for me to make a return trip! I remember going to the American Swedish Institute years ago (in my teens) around Christmas. Very cool! Although a typical American with mixed heritage I identify most closely with the Swedish side (grew up speaking both English and some Swedish).

SteveQ said...

It's there until Mar. 29. Plenty of time.