Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursdays ARE for running to work

Left my house around 7:45 am. Air temp: -18 F; winds 12+ mph out of the northwest; windchill around -42F or so.

Distance: somewhere in the two mile + range (I kept hitting dead end streets in the maze that is Lincoln Park/West End).

Sunrise over the lake: worth it

I was toasty warm the whole way thanks to the hundreds of dollars of warm running clothes I have accumulated over the years (birthday and christmas gifts mostly). Once again I proclaim my love of Sporthill 3SP products. I wore the same layers as yesterday, kept the balaclava pulled over my face (ran into the wind most of the way which makes me wonder about the north; report from the lake said SW winds), and did not shed any layers. Had quite the frost buildup around the opening of balaclava and on my eyelashes by the time I got to work.

I commented to co-workers that I was actually warmer on my run than I am when driving to work ;->

Even managed to run trails for a short while before returning to the roads! The weirdest part of the commute was how so much of the run was uphill. I live near the top of the hill and work at the bottom. And yet, in the first mile I was descending and climbing quite often. Partially this was due to the multiple dead ends I hit and the need to find a new route/retrace my steps. But it is also due to the nature of traversing a hillside.

I run with a pack so I can carry a few important supplies: keys for work, date book, lightweight coat (liner from winter jacket), knitting (for trip home), cell phone (just in case - packed in a spare pair of mittens for insulation), and thermos of coffee (gotta have that second cup).

I try to stockpile food and a change of inner layers at work and always leave plenty of scrubs there so I can change on arrival (besides, scrubs are paper thin and terrible to wear outside in the winter).

Due to the cold and school being canceled I had the roads almost entirely to myself, even when I hit the main thoroughfare. It was nice to run in daylight, been a while since I have done that.

In the past few days I have run across quite a few pictures of Porter when he was quite young. So cute, and so little!

Hard to believe he was ever so small after so many years with him as a 100 lb dog. Still have his ashes here, waiting for the right time to distribute them.

Stay warm!


Chris said...


Wow, it is hard to comprehend that that little puppy became a 100-lb dog!

Jim in Big lake said...

you're posts are keeping me motivated to get out snowshoeing, I used to love running in the winter in my longer mileage days, enjoy it while you're so young !

Stay warm !

wildknits said...

So young.... it is all relative isn't it!

Have been having fun with the runs - and peoples reactions ;->

Apparently I am considered a bit crazy.