Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday's are not for running to work

So, my plan to run to work Thursday mornings has been derailed. First it was the holidays (both Christmas and New Years Day fell on a Thursday). Then this week I had to get my car up to the dealer and Thursday was the only morning I could coordinate their appointment schedule with my work schedule. Briefly thought about dropping the car off and running to work from the dealer, but that was a bit more time than I was willing to give (I am so not a morning person).

Why did my car need a visit to the dealer? The back windshield wiper fluid nozzle had disappeared. Apparently there is a 'bulletin' out about this happening in "cold weather states". Though they imply owner fault, my dealer said it would be covered under warranty. First car I have ever owned that this has happened to. Maybe a better grade of rubber Honda?

Did wonder what the trails would be like with the 6 inches of snow we got last weekend. Hoping the snowmobilers have been out packing trail across the meadow I traverse on my way to work (nothing like a trail run as the sun rises over Lake Superior).

Ran the snowmobile trail Tuesday and it was a bit soft yet. Definitely a workout, especially on the uphills. My goal is to not have to walk the last big hill on the way back by the end of winter. It doesn't seem like much as you head down it, but there is a gradual, long incline before hitting the steep bit and then it keeps rising for a bit afterwards. No lack of hills in West Duluth ;->

Ran the Lakewalk last night with the usual cast of Wednesday night regulars plus a few new additions (including one guy who just started running this month and ended up doing 5 miles!). Inspirational! The surface was pretty mushy and slow going. Effort felt the same, pace was about a minute slower. The best was the half mile start into the wind. Blowing over 10 mph and providing us all with a natural dermabrasion treatment due to the "moisture" in the air.

Not much else going on around here but work. That and preparing for board meetings (two in the next 5 days) and knitting in my spare time. The nice thing about simpler projects is that a lot of knitting can happen while I catch up on blog reading. Socks are progressing nicely. Hope to get the pair done before the 17th. Wish me luck - the recipient has size 12 feet. I really need to check peoples shoe size before I agree to knit for them!


Chris said...

Hmm. Maybe the owner fault is living in a cold weather state?

SteveQ said...

Just found the Mittens for Jamaica link again. It's

It's the irony of mittens and Jamaica that caught my eye.