Sunday, January 04, 2009

Catching up

Lots has been happening in the last 7 days, and not much time to write about it.


Bird Mittens finished and gifted (they have been worn every time I have seen the recipient).

Socks finished late last night and gifted. A little effort at tears is effective in getting socks apparently.

These were for my sister, who wasn't as neglected as she let on. Had another pair of hand knit socks (by me) on her feet when I arrived.

Cast on another pair of socks this morning, already to the heel flap this evening. Using a new yarn to me: Plymouth Yarn Sockin' Sox; 60% superwash wool, 25% bamboo, 15% nylon. Feels wonderful! If they weren't several sizes too big I would be tempted to keep them ;-> Knitting them up on my 2.25mm (SZ 1) Knitpicks Harmony double points (love these needles).

On the running front:

School is out, so I have had a little extra free time (no school = no work, at least at one job). Last Tuesday I met a friend for a run at one of the local snowmobile trails. It was a cold morning and the trail was pretty firm. Ran for an hour, around 5.7 - 6 miles: Avg HR: 166, Peak HR: 211; Min HR for the run: 92 (Note tonight my resting HR was 48). Lots of hills on this route, which is good for the legs. Then on Wednesday I met up with the usual group for 5 miles on the Lakewalk. Not very hilly which is good as I was feeling pretty tired and not really up for a run at all. Thursday was the New Years Day Run at Hartley Park (now dubbed the Barely Organized Run). Logged another 4.5 miles, give or take, on narrow single track. Lots of fun followed by a potluck and time to visit with folks.

After all the running my IT band is a bit sore, so it is a good thing I missed a few runs this weekend. Guess my New Years resolution should involve stretching and use of a foam roller on a regular basis.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season! Stay warm, temps here are down to -9 F and predicted to go lower overnight.


SteveQ said...

Apparently, you're gifted in the heart rate category - now there's no reason for you not to beat me in races.

Chris said...

I love those stripey socks!

SteveQ said...

There's a local charity here trying to get 1750 knitted mittens, raising money for children in Jamaica. Any interest?

Jim in Big lake said...

make em all Bird Mittens..eeeeeepppppppp

wildknits said...

Jim - bite your tongue!!!!! Charity is supposed to make you feel good, not drive you into the insane asylum.

Steve - send me info. Matter of fact post it here so the other knitter who reads this blog will see it also.

And I will only beat you in a race if.... hmm we are about the same age, so probably never. Sigh.

The socks kindof grew on me - and my sis loves them