Saturday, August 02, 2008

A week off of running leads to....

a sore lower back and tight hamstrings ;->

Am I the only person who finds that running keeps my lower back in shape?

I decided to take some time off from running due to pain on the lateral aspect of my right knee. Reminded me too much of iliotibial band syndrome. Instead I biked. To work, home and beyond. By Wednesday my lower back was killing me and I was unable to touch my toes. Took me till Friday to figure out the cause: riding my bike and not running.

Today I ran. My back felt much better afterwards!! I was able to handle the almost 6 hours of driving to the Twin Cities and back for a wedding. Prior to this morning I wasn't able to sit in the car for very long at all.

Did roll my left ankle pretty badly this morning. Only 5 minutes into my run and a couple of miles from home. Felt okay after a minute or so, but did bring an ice pack along for the ride and am contemplating icing it again before bed.

The week of relative rest allowed me to do one of the things I feel pretty strongly about - donate blood. I believe this was my 35th pint with Memorial Blood Centers. Unlike others I know, I really do need at least 24 - 48 hours off after donating or I end up sick. I went in to the Center half-way expecting to be deferred as my hematocrit was borderline last time I was in. Figured after a marathon and other things it would be pretty low. Not so. 40% - highest I can remember in years. Must be doing something right with my diet ;->

What did my week look like?

Monday: bike to work and back = 4-5 miles round trip ( 1 mile downhill to work, 1 mile up to home, flat in between)
Tuesday: donated blood
Wednesday: biked to work, then to the East Hillside to pick up our CSA eggs and home = 10 miles
Thursday: biked to work via the bank and home = 5+ miles
Friday: biked to work = 2+ miles (didn't ride home as had errands and grocery shopping to do that required a car)
Saturday: RUN!!! 3 miles give or take. Had to cut it short to leave for the Cities.

One benefit of long car rides and teenage drivers is knitting time. I didn't pack the bird mittens (hard to keep my eye on the chart when on the freeway with a teen driver). Instead worked on the "voyageur socks". Had stalled out on the heel flap earlier this week, got through that, turned the heel, picked up stitches and am well on my way though the gusset. Still intrigued by this yarn, will try and post a picture soon.

Anyone have suggestions for running trails in Butte, Montana? I will be out there for a few days in a couple of weeks and want to do some exploring. Why Butte? Dropping a kid off at college. By the end of this month we will be "empty nesters"! What will I do with all my free time?


Chris said...

Running has the opposite effect on me - it aggravates my sciatica to the point that I lose feeling in my legs. :)

Congrats on donating blood! I was excited to discover that, after several years of severe anemia before my surgery last fall, I now have rebuilt my iron stores. Yay!

I don't know anything about the Butte area - but if you decide to stop in the Black Hills at all, I can certainly help. :)

Jim said...

Be sure and check out my Sis's website @, it's right down your alley, and she takes VISA. :-)