Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knitting Update

Finished the Trekking socks

Not much yarn left over. Not sure if this skein would have been enough for a larger persons' foot. Jon wears a size 9 (I think). Materials: Trekking XXL color 108, lot 6728. 75% wool, 25% nylon. 100 grams = 420 m (459 yards).

Guess I can't avoid the bird mittens now ;-> What I need to figure out is how to combine the multiple charts into one so it is easier to just knit. Tape, larger magnetic board.... just not very portable. Suppose I could finish listening to that book I was in the middle of during my drive across Minnesota earlier this week.

On the other hand, it is nice out and there are so few days like this left. Much more appealing to be outdoors doing something. The wind is really picking up right now (S 17 G to 26 mph) so that affects choices of what to do. Sailed yesterday (anticipating these winds - these winds would make for a wild ride). Thought about running errands by bike, but biking into a headwind like this is not my favorite. Hiked earlier today (with Jon and Porter). Taking a day off from running as my right knee and thigh are feeling tight (dang ITB) plus it is in the low 80's here.

Off to Ashland tomorrow to watch Northland College Women's soccer.

Have a nice rest of the weekend!

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Chris said...

Hmm, I have mens size 9.5 feet and I get decent sized socks out of Trekking (72 st), usually with a fair amount of leftovers. I think I have that same colorway in my stash. :)