Friday, August 15, 2008

Not much...

going on around the wildknits household. Been taking a lot of time off from both running and biking due to the knee pain. Hoping rest, ice and ibuprofen would settle things down.

Promised a week off of biking and promptly rode my bike for three miles (hey, when your 17 yr old asks you to go for a ride, you do!). Did stay off the bike and out of my running shoes for most of the week, though got some walks in (mood stabilizer ;->).

Ran Saturday and Sunday at Piedmont with Gene. Nice and easy. No rolled ankles, moderate amount of hills, knee behaved itself till around 25 - 30 minutes. Did throw in a fast/hard bike ride Saturday afternoon when I checked my messages and heard that Porter had gotten loose! I was 4 miles from home and worried about where Porter was - and what he was doing to the house. The message was 2 hours old.... You would think that riding across town would be pretty flat and fast, I live near the top of the ridgeline and started out at about the same elevation on the east end of town. HAH! I like to say it is "uphill both ways". Others may call it rolling. Made it home in about 20 minutes to find Porter hiding out near the front porch. Looked pretty sheepish when he came out.

So, what was up with him? Separation anxiety. He doesn't have a terrible case of it, but when it flares....! His latest trick is to get into the neighbors' crawlspace through a window, slipping out of his collar in the process. Apparently he then went from door to doorof our house trying to get in. Our front door shows some evidence of his attempts. He has done worse in the past. The hard thing is that we work on the issue, it subsides, then it will flare again out of the blue.

Triggers: not enough exercise (isn't that true for many of us?!); hot summer days; and.... not entirely sure.

Solution: reconditioning Porter that being outside is where all good things happen - treats, kongs stuffed with goodies, mealtimes; ensuring that he has some shade; exercise; making sure he spends time outdoors in his house when we are around, not just when we are leaving. It is labor intensive. What doesn't work is getting mad at him.

I have also used Bach Rescue Remedy in the past, though not sure how successful it is - but that may be due to not dosing it right ;->

I am re-reading a book on separation anxiety, but welcome any tips.

Monday the 11th I got in a bike ride from work to the downtown library and then home (big uphill). Nothing Tuesday (work, then board meeting till late). Walk on Wednesday after the 7B legislative candidate forum (perfect 1.5 hours to knit on the socks). Ran on Thursday - 50 minutes- at Piedmont on the SHT. Boy am I out of shape. The hills felt much harder than they should have. Knee held up well. Wore new shoes, though I am thinking that it may be time to put the orthotics back in. My right leg was really overpronating and that may be what is at the root of the pain.

Today was a busy day: work till 1:30+. Met Larry and Dave to weedwhip my section of trail. Today instead of carrying the gas-powered string trimmer I carried gas, raked and lopped. Lots of work when your trail runs through a tansy meadow. The tansy was 5 feet tall in some spots and was leaning over the trail. 2.5 hours later we were done, sitting in the yard snacking on sugar snap peas, and looking over the Piedmont Mountain Bike trail map and discussing trail crossing issues with the SHT. There aren't too many and improved signage on both COGGS and SHT's parts should help clear things up.

Decided to move Porter's house away from the neighbors' and into a shadier part of the yard. Had him out during all of this and he was getting pretty anxious. After dinner took Porter and met some friends for a walk on the Lakewalk. Beautiful with the almost full moon rising over the Lake. Hoping the 4 mile walk will take the edge off and allow us to leave Porter for a few hours tomorrow while we go blueberry picking, otherwise not sure what the plan is. Hoping to get 20+ pounds of berries, that should see us through the winter ;->

Leaving next week for Butte. Never did get ahold of the running club out there (Piss and Moan Running Club), my emails kept bouncing back. Oh well, maybe I can track them down and get a trail run in while I am out there with folks who know the area.

Enjoy the weekend - weather looks perfect (at least up here)!

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Chris said...

Isn't it shocking how quickly one gets out of shape?! And I'm trying to get back in shape after 3 years... ugh.

Hopefully your blueberry picking went well! I did some picking at the cabin Saturday morning (first time ever) and got enough for eating for a couple weeks.