Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brief interlude at work and then...

it is off to Isle Royale for 9 days of 'bliss'.

Can you tell I am really looking forward to this trip?!? Last year was my first trip to the island. I spent 7 days out there, hiked around 30 odd miles, and fell in love. No phones, few humans, lots of moose all combined to outweigh the less than delightful weather we had on that trip (though I still hold that backpacking in 40 - 50 degree rainy weather is the best weight loss method I have come across ;->).

This year we are planning a bit more ambitious hike. From Rock Harbor to Windigo. Means spending most of one day on the Voyageur II ferry from Grand Portage, but will let us hike essentially the whole island. We will be in an area that sees more wolf activity. Last year I thought I heard wolves howling early one morning, hoping we hear them for sure this year.

We have planned a couple of options for our itinerary, one includes a "rest day" to coincide with a campsite near a sandy beach. that may change if the weather is cold and wet. Moving is better than sitting on a day like that. Very few campsites allow fires. Huddling around the camp stove is not the same, nor do I want to carry the extra fuel that would require.

Final preparations are in order. WE are not ultralight campers by any means, but do try to cut weight where possible. I will be packing the 4-person Eureka Alpine Meadows. Way too much if the weather is nice, but when a gale is howling off of the big lake it is nice to have the space. an added bonus is the ability to drop the tent body and leave the fly up - nice shelter on a rainy morning for packing up.

On the knitting front: didn't finish the bird mittens while out west, but did get this much (and a little more) done:

Driving through mountain passes and along interstates is - and isn't - good for knitting from a chart. Besides, there were interesting conversations to be had in those two days of driving.

Almost done with the trekking socks though. Noticed along the way that the Yarn Harlot was working on the same socks (actually socks using the same color). Just need to finish the toe decreases, kitchener those stitches together, weave in an end or two, and Jon has a new pair of socks. Then it is on to a pair for a gift. All very hush, hush right now. They may be the Isle Royale project, that is if I decide I want to mess with double points while hiking. If not, I am sure someone needs a new hat ;-> There are a few races that I could donate a hat to and some new patterns I wouldn't mind trying out.

Speaking of races....

Ran my first 5K yesterday of the fall season. Duluth-Superior Pride 5K Run, Walk and Roll. It was timed event, but only competitive if you wanted it to be. I have run in this race all 4 of it's years. The race organizers do a great job with this small event. Wonderful "goody bag", coffee, treats, lots of water. Gotta love the variety of folks that turn out. This year was a fast group! Competitive men's race, and pretty competitive women's. I ended up second woman overall, but struggled almost the whole time to maintain a under 9 minute mile pace. Lack of training shows. By the end I was wheezing so bad I think I drowned out the train passing by. Something about the Western Waterfront Trail always does me in. Toxic fumes off the bay???

Off to do a short hike along the SHT before the heat and humidity get too bad (and while the sourdough rests).

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Chris said...

Congrats on placing so well in the race!! And I hope you have much better weather on this Isle Royale trip.