Sunday, August 03, 2008

Voyageur sock

As promised:

Materials: Trekking XXL, 75% new wool, 25% nylon; Knit Picks 6" wooden double point needles, sz 2.25 mm (US 1)

Humidity is high today and the yarn feels pretty sticky on the needles, so progress is slow.

LOVE these needles. Normally I break wooden needles fairly easily. I have had these for quite some time (ordered this past winter) and have used them for numerous socks, mittens, hats with no problems. They aren't even bent! I am very impressed with their construction. Lamination seems to be the key. They are made in India, so I am hoping not in a way that will make me regret their purchase.

[From their website: "...Knit Picks has very high standards for the International manufacturers we
choose to work with. Executives from Knit Picks have visited each of our manufacturers’ factories personally to ensure that their facilities and labor practices are in linewith both Knit Picks’ and our customers’ expectations. Specifically, Knit Picks works only with manufacturers who:
Institute management practices that respect the rights of all employees
Provide a safe and healthy work place
Promote the health and well-being of all employees
Oppose the use of child labor
Have an active role in the positive development of their local community
We are so confident of these excellent conditions that we welcome any of our customers
to visit these sites personally if ever in the area. Please contact Customer
Service to get more information."]

Took so long to post this a thunderstorm made it to Duluth and I now have a perfect excuse to get the knitting back out rather than walking the dog.

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Chris said...

I'm impressed with their metal circs, too - the cables are awesome and a fraction of the cost of Addis.