Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road Trip!!!

Leaving for Butte, Montana in the morning.

Why Butte? Montana Tech. Daughter number two is heading off to college! Why yes, that means the wildknits household will be an empty nest!

"What will you do with all my time?" is one of the most frequently asked questions (followed by "will you cry"). Hmmmmm, after 20+ years of being a parent I think I can find a few things to do ;-> And, in general, I am not a cryer....

Not saying I won't miss the girls, I will. But I think I have enough interests to fill the gaps ;->

We are driving to Butte - two days there, three days in town, then two days back. I have packed only two knitting projectsfor the trip: the bird mittens (they are intended for this child so I NEED to finish them on the trip) and the trekking socks. There will be no time for knitting on the way back as I will be the only driver.

I am hoping to hook up with the Butte running club for their Saturday morning run. No luck contacting them by email through their website though. Love the name: Piss and Moan Running Club :->

The next four to five weeks are full of vacations. I will be back from Butte one and half weeks and then I head out for nine days on Isle Royale. Ah, quiet! The highest technology at our disposal will be our stove (MSR Whisperlite), sleeping bags (Montbell Stretch Burrow), backpacks (Granite Gear), and rain gear (Red Ledge). Cell phones do not work on the island (other than the one the rangers have at their headquarters).

So, goals for the next week: Stay healthy, safe travel, get the kid moved in and semi-settled at college, enjoy my first trip to Montana and it's mountains, and explore some new running trails during my travels.

IT band is doing much better - put the orthotics back in my motion control shoes. Porter is kindof doing better, but tomorrow will be a stressful day for him as we prepare to leave. I did speak with our Vet and have a 'script on hand in case he gets too anxious. Serious conditioning will have to wait until I am back.

The fall racing season is just around the corner and I need to get back into shape! First race will be the Duluth-Superior Pride Run 5K on August 30th. Then the NMTC Fall Series starts up on September 3rd with the Brown's Point Run in Superior.

Oh yeah, and I signed up for Fall Soccer, so Sunday's will be spent on the soccer field.

Will try to remember the camera and post some pics from the trip. See you in a week or so!


Chris said...

Hope you're having a good trip!!

Jim said...

Hope your trip went well, as busy as you stay this empty nest period of your life could be very enjoyable with much more time for soccer, running and backapck treks, enjoy !