Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday running

Tuesdays are a long day. Used to be I would head to work by 11:30 am (clinic is open till 8:00 pm and I work the 'late' shift), leaving me plenty of time to lounge about and get a run in. That all changed this fall when I took a second job. It is only three hours a week, but those three hours fall when I am not at my full-time job so bye-bye leisurely Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. I am at job #1 by 8:30 am and leave job #2 at 8:30 pm.

This change in work schedule has really messed up my running in daylight in winter schedule (not to mention what it will do to skiing if we ever get snow). I have managed a couple of runs by foregoing any errand running in the hour between jobs, but hit on a real solution today: go to work dressed in my running clothes (with a layer of more professional stuff over the top). Cuts down on changing time and means a quicker escape out the door and onto the trails = more time to run. Lucky for me I work at a school (Why yes, I am a school nurse now. How funny is that? And at the school my girls attended so I know all the teachers and a smattering of the students) so the dress code is more casual than say a business office. And, since I change into scrubs at my 'regular' job, clothing is not a problem. The school job is downtown, regular job out west and lots of trails in between.

Today I headed for the Piedmont Ski Trail. The dusting of snow left over from Thanksgiving provided just enough traction on the icy spots so footing was good. I love the frost heaves and sunken rocks that are evident all over the trail at this time of year. Though it does mean paying attention so as to not roll an ankle. The deer were all over the place and I must have flushed at least a dozen and almost ran into one that didn't move as I came by. Did see a blood trail for a couple of hundred feet so at least one bowhunter got lucky.

I pretty much had the trail to myself and being in the woods was a nice break from the wind. These trails have some pretty significant hills - good workout over all and I was pretty pleased with my time for the approximately 5k course(28.33). I have been feeling pretty slow of late, so will take this as a good sign that I am getting back into shape.

Another benefit of running on Tuesdays: my running stuff is at work and waiting for the afterwork run on Wednesdays. Though this week I may need to add a layer as today's run was in the mid-20's and tomorrow's high is in the teens with strong winds. But it wouldn't be a Wednesday run on the Lakewalk without a 20 mph headwind ;->

Want to experience the joys of running along the shore of Lake Superior in the winter? Join us at 5:00pm Wednesdays at the corner of Morse St and Lake Ave in Canal Park. Distance ranges up to 5+ miles. Wind guaranteed (usually on the way back).

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Chris said...

Um, I think I'm going to pass on that run today. Thanks, tho. ;)