Thursday, December 04, 2008

Insomniac documenting her knitting....

...before gifting it tomorrow.

Baby Surprise Jacket

Knit a while ago, just because this pattern intrigues me, and waiting for the right person. A pregnant co-worker and an impending baby shower provided just the incentive I needed to venture out and find some buttons. I think I did okay with these... what do you think?

Often knitting disappears with no documentation, but tonight I remembered to snap some photos. I think I posted before about the yarns used for this sweater - a strand of 100% wool and a strand of fingering weight sock yarn. Brand name on the wool.... Tuna. (Chris remember this stuff? Yet another of my amazing, never-ending skeins of yarn). These jackets are supposed to help me get rid of my rather large stash of odd balls of sock yarn, but in this case I ended up heading to the yarn store to purchase another skein of the yarn as I liked the look. Ah, well.

The temperature is rapidly dropping at the head of the lakes. Down to 8 F already. No snow to speak of, though they keep saying it is on the way. Will need to bundle up Saturday morning for the Bridge to Peace Run if these temps and winds keep up.

For an interesting review of what is going on in Canadian politics take a look at the Yarn Harlots blog (desperately wishing the link feature would work on blogger - always fools me into thinking it does, but I am wise to it's ways now). When we first heard there was something up we tried to research the issue on our own, her explanation made it all come clear. Note to any non-knitters who read this blog: she is also posting tips for shopping for knitters. Very informative, though ignore the link to the Signature needles unless you truly love your knitter (or need to make up for previous blunders) ;->

Personally, I am pretty infatuated with the double pointed Harmony wood needles from Knit Picks. Durable, nice points, pretty, feel good in the hand and reasonably priced( So far I still have 6 size 0 needles, despite reknitting those mittens a couple of times.

Ploughed Acre scarf is still under construction (a morning of meetings at work was helpful in making some progress); Bird Mittens are still in a time out. I know they need to be done soon, but the recipient is not due back until after Christmas so I have time.

Running is still going well. Speed - what there is of it - is coming back and I am starting to look forward to training for some longer races (remind me I said that when it is 9 degrees out, the wind is blowing, and I need to get an 11 mile run in).


Chris said...

Ah, it's coming back to me now! What a silly name for a yarn, eh? :) Cute sweater - I do like to have some baby stuff on hand, just in case...

The Yarn Harlot's post on Canadian politics was great! I feel as if I understand their political system better than ours right now.

wildknits said...

Need someone like her to explain the American politics

Jim said...

Wow nice knittin' While at Mom's over Turkey Day I talked her into making me a scarf for Xmas, she had some kind of a loose knit one that I really liked, made with poofey yarn, looked kewl I thought, so I'll be the proud owner of one soon !