Friday, December 19, 2008

In Memory of Porter

Porter passed away today at 4:40 pm.

Yesterday he was diagnosed with anaplasmosis, a tick-borne disease which is treatable, and was placed on doxycycline. We expected that he would start feeling better within 24 - 48 hours. To complicate matters it was confirmed today that his prothrombin time was way out of range, meaning his blood was not clotting and minor trauma would cause him to bleed (something we had noted Wednesday night and part of what led us to the vet's office Thursday morning). He was to start Vitamin K today for that. But it was not to be. We think he may have had a seizure (strokes due to the inability of his blood to clot?) and, combined with the fact that he was not eating or drinking, couldn't get up any longer.... well, it was clear his time had come.

Porter came to us - a 7 week old puppy - on New Years Eve 1998. He was a shy, fluffy 10 lb puppy that liked to hide under the couch. He grew into a 95 lb dog, still shy at times, a bit anxious without his human pack, but with an interesting personality all the same.

As a pup he learned to open pocket doors and escape all manner of kennels. Liked to pull the girls hair so he could have the bean bag chair. Learned he could tree bears, and was proud of the fact. Took a great interest in "grooming" our pet rabbit. Tried to stay out of his harness, but then would obviously enjoy a skijor once we got going. Eventually figured out he would never catch the local deer. Never met a dog (or postal carrier) he didn't like. Learned that the UPS driver was good for really large biscuits and could spot their truck coming a half mile away (apparently he is so well known at UPS that when they made a delivery today the extra help stopped to peek in on him). Known as the "airport dog" by visitors to the end of Park Point. NMTC trail run participant for many years. Part of my 'crew' for this years Half Voyageur Trail Marathon and aid station volunteer for the Voyageur Ultra.

Running companion, skijor partner, hiking buddy, defender of the wildknit's household from all manner of furry visitors.

He will be missed!


Chris said...

Oh! How sudden and sad. Goodbye, Porter.

*hugs* to his human family.

SteveQ said...

So sorry for your loss. I still picture Porter at the finish of the Voyageur 50, laying at your feet and enjoying the attention that he was getting... within reason.

Doug said...

Sorry to hear of your families loss!

wildknits said...

Thanks to all. A hole has been left in our home and hearts and we are still adjusting to what it means to not have a very large dog who does not like to be left alone.

As I clean up his belongings (and scoop up all his fur) I remember the fun we have had over the years. This type of weather was his favorite - the more blustery it was the more fun he seemed to have. Less than a week ago he was burying his head in the snow....