Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bird Mittens Revisited

What to do in a blizzard? Tackle a project you have been putting off due to the attention it needed.

First the charts:

As you can see, for a while there I have three separate charts going. I decided the speediest way to tackle this was to photocopy the originals and tape them to a large piece of cardboard (cookie sheet was suggested after all the work was done). Then I affixed the thumb gusset chart to the "proper" place on the charts (after triple-checking it against the original mitten).

Off I went, merrily knitting away until I had about 14 rounds done when I noticed I had messed up in the first couple of rounds. Aagh!!! Ripped back and started over - again. If I was superstitious I would begin to think these mittens have it in for me - or that I am not supposed to finish them.

Completed mitten on the left, mitten in progress in the center (note progress made today, I had ripped back to the cuff after the misplaced thumb incident) and prototype on the right.

Time for a break! I am off to the sauna. Temperatures have dropped to 4 F, winds have switched to the northwest (still gusting into the 20+ mph range), which means we are really feeling them at the wildknits' home.

Schools are closed tomorrow in the area - but will work be closed???? Only time will tell.

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Chris said...

Those mittens... Good luck! And I hope you're staying warm as you head to work...