Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Winter Storm!!!!!

Some where out there,just a block a way, is Hwy 53/Piedmont Ave. Can you find it?

Looking towards the harbor - really, it is out there.

Heading out to drop a friend off and run an errand. Good thing we have four-wheel drive ;->

Porter, waiting to come back in after his morning 'constitutional'. Doesn't he look thrilled with the wind?

Last night we were getting a mix of precipitation. Today the temperature is still in the mid-20's with the wind gusting up to 35 mph from the east (off of the big lake = potential for lots of snow!). Opted to cancel the morning trail run - wasn't sure the roads were safe for driving to the trailhead. Will probably get out at some point today to walk Porter and play on the trail above the house.

The big question is will there be work tomorrow??? They are predicting over a foot of snow today and overnight. The clinic I work at does not close it's doors unless the DTA (bus service) cancels service. The DTA has a new policy to keep at least the mainline buses (= flat streets) running, so I may have to find my way to work even if I can't drive (or get to the mainline route). First opportunity to ski to work?

A blizzard presents the perfect opportunity to knit. Spent part of the morning prepping the Bird Mitten charts for easy reading in hopes of getting that left mitten knit up today. I have some new sock wool I would love to get at but have told myself no new projects until I finish the mittens.

Re-instituted "Thursday's are for Running to Work" this past week. Woke up Thursday morning to our first below zero temperatures and was very thankful for the balaclava that was given to me the night before. Kept my forehead, ears and neck cozy, though I still can't stand to have anything over my mouth (and it wasn't all that cold so not necessary any way). It was a beautiful morning - clear skies and my route allowed me to watch the sun rise over the Lake/Bay. I am fortunate in that I can run a combination of roads and trails to work - though that will be changing in the future as the school district plunks a new building in the middle of my route (a controversial project in Duluth which I will not comment on, except to say as a taxpayer I knew nothing of these plans until I saw the survey stakes go up in the meadow and did some investigating).

Part of my route follows the Superior Hiking Trail, then it is off onto deer trails and snowmobile trails. At one point I descend quite a bit, in the loose snow it was a bit slippery and I found myself wishing I could grab on to something to stabilize myself. The only thing available though was hawthorns. If you have never seen this shrub just know that they are "protected" from browsing by 1-2 inch thorns. I figured it was better to fall than risk impalement, which is exactly what happened at one point.

Once I am through the woods and meadow I cross an active railroad track (ore trains coming down from the range) and run alongside that for a few blocks before cutting down through the neighborhood and on to work. The footing Thursday was pretty good, not too slippery except on the descents.

Since than I have added screws to my shoes (we have gotten more snow). They work pretty well on hard packed snow, less well in the slush that covered the roads yesterday. Kept reminding myself during those 5 miles that I could consider this strength training.

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Chris said...

Much worse up there than here! I can't tell if we're in the 1-3" or 3-6" band... Of course, it rained for over 6 hours before the temp started to drop, so the streets are insane.