Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hopefully the promised picture of the sensitive fern has appeared.....

Other updates:

We had our first soccer game tonight. 1v1 with the tieing (why can't I figure out the spelling for this word?) goal (our team) coming in the final seconds on a penalty kick due to a handball in the box. Nice job Kyle on that kick!

Icarus( black lace shawl) is coming along. I am on the second repeat of the first pattern, closing in on starting my third. I read on another blog that I - being of rather limited stature - may not want to knit five repeats of the first pattern. I guess we shall see as we get there how wide the shawl is becoming (I sense a session with cotten crochet thread and a darning needle coming)

The end of my first week at work is rapidly approaching. With one RN license in hand, another on the way soon, things seem to be coming together.



Chris said...

The picture is there! :)

Oh, I bet Icarus is stunning in black...

Are you enjoying your new job?

Lisa said...

I am very happy with Icarus at this point. Black angora/lambswool to be precise. It should be a beauty. could be fun to find a blocking space large enough. Hopefully I will finish it while the weather is nice enough for an outside blocking and drying.

I am enjoying my job! I have finsihed my first week - most of it was orientation type stuff, but mixed in with seeing patients. I feel like I am getting the hang of the routines and am looking forward to next week.

Trying to upload pictures is making me covet a wireless m odem (or DSL or anything but dial-up). Oh well.