Sunday, July 02, 2006

It has been awhile and I thought I would add an update:

- I am now the proud "owner" of a: Minnesota RN and Public Health Nurse license as well as a Wisconsin RN license.
- Still trying to keep to a running schedule, though the 85 degree days are messing with that. I skipped my five miler this weekend, but will need to just go out and do it tomorrow - or forget about it and continue on as if I had run it. Did I ever mention how much I hate running in the heat??
- Won my age group in a small local run last weekend!! Despite it being a hot running day :->
- Still playing soccer, still collecting bruises, still having a great time playing.
- Getting a bit lonely for my kids - they are both gone right now - a little peek at what an "empty nest" will be like.
- Icarus (the black shawl) is coming along nicely. I have just started the fourth repeat of Lace pattern 1. One more repeat and then I move on to another lace pattern. I would show you a picture, but my digital camera is in Norway.
- Socks are coming along, I have started the toe decreases on the first sock. It is now traveling with me, filling in those moments when I have nothing to do and am waiting, or am sitting in a meeting and need to keep my hands busy so that I can listen attentively.

I will try to get some pictures of the shawl up by next week (when my camera - and Gilah - return from Norway). Until then, have a nice holiday!!

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Chris said...

You've been busy!! Congrats on your running win!

Mmmmm... I just love the thought of the black Icarus shawl. Looking forward to seeing a picture - altho I am fully aware that black photographs for crap.

Wow, Gilah's in Norway?! How fun for her!

Have a good holiday, too. :)