Saturday, September 27, 2008

What happened to the knit in wildknits?

I realized that very few of my posts of late have had anything to do with knitting so thought I would rectify that.

Updates on the latest finished/almost finished projects:

Isle Royale Hat:

Jamieson's Sportweight(100% Shetland Wool). Skein was leftover from a sweater project a few years ago. Sz 2 16" circular needles. Pattern: Ribbed Hat from "The Complete Book of Progressive Knitting" by Ida Riley Duncan (via a KnitU post).

Cast on in the hotel room the night before we boarded the ferry (my version uses 160 sts after all). Knit while on the ferry and hanging out in campsites on Isle Royale. I even managed to finish it off (except for darning in the ends) while on the island - all with a 16" circular!!

Turn a Square (pattern by Jared Flood -

He suggests using one skein of a self-striping yarn. I don't have any in worsted weight so went with solid colors. May try it again with self-striping and modify the pattern numbers to work with a lighter weight yarn. It was strange to work on such large needles after months with 0's, 1's and 2's.

Bird Mittens (almost finished):

Just the thumbs left to do. Yes, I did mean for that to be plural. The thumb is too short for Miss Sarah (though fits me fine), so I will be ripping one out and reknitting it, returning to the original pattern that called for two birds knit into the back of the thumb. Knit in Jamieson's Spindrift on sz 0 needles. (Sarah - don't ever think I don't love you! ;->)

On the running front:

0 miles for me this month - well, since the Brown's Point Run and not counting soccer. I had big plans to get out this week but have not made it yet. Knee is still kind of aching at times. Foam roller on order. Hope to get out yet today. The plan was to run this morning but we got around 2 inches of rain last night and the ground is saturated. Would have been a muddy, messy run!

Wish I had my camera with this morning as Porter and I walked in Lincoln Park. Miller Creek is the highest I have seen it since spring runoff. It is roaring! I am sure Coffee Creek (neighborhood stream) is up too, may make for a tough crossing on the SHT!

Colors are starting to get good in the area. Get out an enjoy!


Chris said...

That "square" hat is really cool. Heh, thumbs are my least favorite things.

wildknits said...

Check out Jared's website - he has some very cool designs - some are free like Turn a Square, some not.

The thumbs are not too bad... really... it is just fidgety. But worth it in the long run. Beats gloves!