Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some photos from Isle Royale

Pictoral essay:

Leaving Hat Point Marina, Grand Portage, MN on the Voyageur II

Moskey Basin Junction - day after getting soaked (camping haircut in evidence - no hat hair for me!)

First sign of wolves! (click to embiggen)

Moskey Basin shelter.

Mt. Siskiwit, looking south over Isle Royale and out to Lake Superior; right before we put the camera away, donned our packs, and saw the first two wolves ;->

Pumping water at sunset from Lake Desor.

Moonset, ~6:00 am Lake Desor

"Happy hikers" - who can't remember how long we have been on the island

Overlook on Red Oak Ridge, Island Mine trail

Rock of Ages Lighthouse (click to embiggen), outside Washington Harbor, Isle Royale. On the way home.


Jim said...

Great pics !!!!!

Chris said...

Indeed - no hat hair for you! Lovely pictures.

wildknits said...

Credit goes to my hiking partner for all but one of the photos (Overlook on Red Oak Ridge)as I was camaraless this trip.

Side benefit of virtually no hair - grey is harder to see ;->