Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Isle Royale here we come!!!

Quick post as I really should be finishing up the packing!

Left to do:

- pack coffee and hot chocolate (vital, life sustaining fluids)
- pack clothes, repack clothes when I realize there is no room for food and other necessities in my pack
- put tent in car
- put boots in car
- put trekking poles in car
- put bag of food in car
- put stove, fuel bottles and water filter in car
- remember food for tomorrow morning's breakfast (plain yogurt, grapenuts)
- shop for last minute items (AAA batteries for headlamp; turkey jerky...)
- haircut (yeah, it is short already, but I am thinking a buzz would be nice for the trip - easier to wash if it ever warms up enough. Had very, very short hair for 6 months once - I loved it!)

Weather forecast is pretty good - may be warm out there this year. Looks like winds from the south/southwest tomorrow, gusting to 25 mph which could mean an interesting ferry ride! We leave Grand Portage at 8:00 am, heading for Washington Harbor and Windigo on the far western end of the island. Stop there for a talk from the ranger and registration then head out for Rock Harbor (far eastern end of the island). Due to arrive at Rock Harbor around 3:30 pm. There will be at least one stop on the way at McCargoe Cove to drop off campers.

Haven't decided yet if we will hike the first day or not, may depend on a couple of factors: what time we really get in to Rock Harbor; and how crowded that campsite is. At some point in the next 24 hours we need to decide a bit more about which of the 2.5 hiking options we are going to do. It only varies at the beginning of our trip (first three to four days). One option has us doing some very short days; Jon suggested I bring my running shoes along and go for a run if that is the case. Tempting, but for their weight! Though not a minimalist backpacker, 9 days is putting us at the max weight limit as is (what with that 4 person tent we bring). Too bad I can't run in something like Vibram's Five fingers ;->

Remember to vote in your local primary today, this is your chance to help determine who you get to vote for in November. Have a good couple of weeks!

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Chris said...

Crap - I forgot about the primary! Argh. Hope you have a great trip!