Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week Off?

Legs have been feeling great this past week, but no running. Mondays are my usual day off anyway. Decided to ride to work. The only question in my mind was how the ride home (uphill x 1 mile) would go. Decided I wanted to get to the library downtown first, then talked Jon into dinner on the sailboat (and a sail) so got out of the uphill portion of my commute.

Tuesday I did not have to be to work until 11:30 am, though had scheduled a chiropractor appointment for 10:30. Perfect day to explore the "long route" to work. Rode up to Skyline (narrowly avoiding being hit by a garbage truck as I ground my way uphill) and headed west to Highland and Getchell. You may remember a mention about my downhill adventures on foot and bike on 40th Ave. W.? Highland is straighter and longer. I had cut the timing a bit close so had to pedal hard so that I would not be late to my appointment. Skyline has it's share of hills despite running across the hillside (one of the beaches of Glacial Lake Duluth).

By the time I hit Highland it was about 10:00 am. I knew the ride downhill would be fast and that I would come out within a half mile or so of my destination so did not have to rush at this point. I am guessing HIghland is about a mile long. It is bordered on one side by Keene Creek and on the other by the Oneota Cemetary. The creek side has a guardrail = not much shoulder. It is a lightly traveled road though and all cars encountered gave me plenty of space. What a blast to ride down!!! I think it took about 4 minutes from the top of the hill to my destination.

Again, that evening (I work until 8:30) I rode up the parkway to home. Wednesday was another day on the bike, with another ride up the hill. The great thing was I was able to pedal up in.... 2nd gear!!!! Yup - proof that I am getting stronger. Didn't feel any harder than the previous day's ride up in 1st either.

By Thursday I was ready for a day off and drove. Also drove Friday. I have been feeling very tired for the last couple of days - falling asleep before 9:00pm and dragging out of bed after 7:00 am.

Today I have a SHTA group hike to lead from Beaver Bay to Silver Bay. Only 4.7 miles so I am thinking I will throw my running stuff in the car and head out on the SHT towards Tettagouche after the group hike is over. Haven't decided yet what my turn around point will be. May not until I get out there. Forecast is for 20% chance of scattered thunderstorms and a lot of that section is on exposed ridges. They are also predicting strong winds off the Lake, so temps will be in the low 60's at best. I am kindof itching for a nice long run though. It is 10 miles to the trailhead in Tettagouche.... 20 miles may be a bit ambitious, especially on that section! But I am tempted to go for Mt. Trudee (at 6.3 miles) - an impressive anorthosite knob with spectacular views. I guess we shall see what the day brings. No pictures today as the camera is having it's own adventure with Jon in the Silver Bay area.

It has been quite a few years since I trotted out my naturalist spiel. I actually was not prepared to do so, thinking that just being the hike leader would be a nice change. Then I found out they don't "hire" a naturalist when the hike leader is one! Ah, but I am 'retired'. Oh well, for those who know me well, my pack is usually filled with field guides anyway. Maybe no one on this hike will remember me as one of the long-time SHT naturalists and I can go incognito as just a board member?

Enjoy the weather. Wild strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are ripe and/or ripening. Can the thimbleberries be far behind?

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Chris said...

You have to be one of the most active people I know! Hope the hike went well and you didn't have to work too hard. :)