Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few more photos

Photo by Ed and Linda Dallman

Peterson's Aid Station - about 8.5 more to go (though when I got to Forbay I thought I was told I had 8 more to go).

The Mug. Still having a hard time believing this. I can't wait to see the overall results for the race.

Legs feeling pretty good today. Got out on a 2-3 mile walk yesterday at a local ski trail and will be heading out at some point to get another walk in. Right knee is a little sore on the lateral side on stairs, but that is too be expected as it was none too happy with the canted bits of trail yesterday.

Did I mention the ticks? Didn't see any on me during the run, got home, showered the mud off, still no ticks. Then as I was drying between my toes I noticed there was a piece of dirt that just wouldn't wipe off. What the heck?! Tiny, tiny deer tick, attached between my toes! Determined little bugger, surprised it hadn't drowned in all the puddles, stream crossings and then the shower.

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Chris said...

Great mug! But ewww - ticks between your toes?!?