Friday, July 04, 2008

Visits to the frog pond

The Bobble-cable hat is still a brim! Not due to lack of effort, mind you. I have picked-up and ripped out stitches countless times, even got so far as 6 rounds before I decided I could not live with the look of the hat.

What's the problem, you ask?

Gauge is part of it. The pattern originated as a baby hat (Interweave Knits, Summer 2004) which I adapted to adult size, twice, successfully. This time I am having trouble. In order to fit around the typical adult head (about 20 - 21 inches) I needed to knit 9 repeats of the cable pattern. 234 rows. My gauge is working out to be about 9 sts/inch. For an adult size hat that is around 180 - 189 stiches. (I am not great at math, but can manage the basics, so feel free to point out the error of my reasoning). If I pick up and knit in each edge stitch I get 118 sts (I slipped the first stitch). If I were to pick up one stitch in from the edge per pattern recommendation I would get 236 sts (setup row, bind off row are in there). See the problem?

I do not like the look when picking up and knitting one stitch in from the edge (did that on a past version), so tried picking up and knitting two stitches in each edge stitch. Ended up being a bit of a yarnover thing going on and, after 6 rounds, I realized I could not live with that look. Rip it, rip it, rip it.

Earlier I had just picked up sts, but wasn't sure that increasing would make a good fitting hat, so ripped that out too.

I think I am on my fourth or fifth do over. I am back to picking up and knitting 118 sts, will then increase the additional 58 sts (K2, M1 around) and see how that works. Wish me luck! Suggestions are welcome.

Have a happy fourth - may it be quiet after 11 pm (when most municipal fireworks shows end). I had to close up the windows last night as the neighborhood was setting off their own display most of the evening and I was getting up at 5:30 am.

The wildknits family is heading for the sailboat this morning - will it be a cruise in the bay or out on the big lake? The winds will determine that. Then a big meal (Jon should start a blog with all his recipes - he goes all out) and maybe hiking up the hill to watch the fireworks from the Enger Driving Range. The hill blocks some of the show, but we can also watch the Superior and Proctor displays from there and no driving is required.

Tomorrow I am heading out for the last long run before the race. The plan is to run the Powerlines section of the course. I haven't run this in years - last time was when the NMTC was still doing the Roughrider course in the Fall series. It will be good to experience it - on a warm day - before the race.

I have been doing a minimal amount of running the past week. Lots of biking and walking though. Today I got out for a hilly 5K on the Piedmont Ski Trail, but after tomorrow it is serious taper time, so doubt I will run very much, or bike much near the end of the week!

Good luck to those running Afton, the Duluth Duathalon, Tofte Trek and all other races this weekend!

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Chris said...

Did you have a good sail? I had to set all my fans to vent for a while Friday night because of all the gunpowder in the air...