Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bald Eagle

Noticed this Bald Eagle hanging out in the cottonwood in our neighbor's yard (the same tree that the Goshawk was in a few months ago).  The local crows, blue jays and "tweety birds" were not happy and made a point of perching nearby and commenting on it's presence.  

Bald Eagle being harassed by the neighborhood birds

Giving a cold shoulder to the crows

Just before it gave up and headed for a less crowded perch

Step back week, so today's run was 14 miles. Headed back to Fox Farm Rd, this time with Sam and Cedar. The gravel road was soft, but not too soft.  The sun was out this time and there was a bit of a head wind - in both directions!

Tomorrow I am off to St. Paul for my first race of 2015. Joining my Northwoods teammates at the Irish Run 8K. This should be interesting as I have not been focusing on running fast. I have had a couple of speedy miles in the past few weeks, so hopefully I can at least run close to my previous best times. 

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Samantha said...

Eagles never get old for me. I remember watching a stand up comedy show a couple summers ago and the host commented on how he had just been able to see a bald eagle for the first time in his life. That blew my mind.