Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Pattern Variation

I have been on a bit of a hat knitting binge of late. First was a bright green and multicolored Runner's Hat that was donated to a local running series for their end of the season celebration:

Sorry about the quality of the photo (suspect I was using my new-to-me iPhone 3GS and hadn't learned how to use the camera properly). 

During the series you get points for each race run, or volunteered, at. First finisher gets 150 points, and each runner after that gets one point less; with separate male and female results. There is a 25 point bonus for attending all of the races, and your lowest score gets dropped. The end result is that while the fleet of foot accumulate a lot of points, it is often the most consistent runners/attendees who place in the top 10. 

At the end of the series potluck there are a lot of prizes donated by local business and individuals; essentially every runner who attends gets something. They are all laid out on a table and the series director calls out names starting with the top point getter on down. Each person then gets to choose an item from all that is on display. 

My intention was to have the hat done for this event. Alas, reality got in the way (for some reason I thought it was quite reasonable that I could knit this in less then one week on size 0 needles) and it was not quite complete on the day of the last race/end of series potluck. I placed the 2/3 finished hat on the table with a card promising the finished hat to the recipient. 

Apparently it was a hot commodity and got snatched up rather quickly. This resulted in the need to knit another hat.

Since I can't seem to knit the same thing twice I made a few revisions. Adding a couple of peerie patterns that I felt were representative of some of the features of a certain long run on the Superior Hiking Trail. I introduce to you Runner's Hat v3 aka "Wild Duluth 100k Edition":

The other day I went out for a lunch with my sister and got this in my fortune cookie:

It was amazingly appropriate! More on that in a future post. 

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