Friday, September 19, 2014

Isle Royale 2014 - Rock Harbor, Chippewa Harbor, Malone Bay

Just a peek at my most recent trip. It was very cool, often wet and great fun.

Carved into the floor of shelter #5 at Rock Harbor
Seen along the Scolville Point Trail:
Coral fungus species
unidentified fungus
One-flowered Pyrola
Turtlehead (?)
Day paddle from Chippewa Harbor to Wood Lake and back:
Unidentified fungus located at portage from Chippewa Harbor to Lake Whittlesey
Moose poop! 
Getting ready for our first portage of the trip - Chippewa Harbor end of trail
Looking back into Chippewa Harbor
Unidentified tiny mushrooms
Wood Lake, as viewed from portage. Siskiwit Lake is just over the ridge line.
Lake Whittlesey - looking out from campground. 
More evidence of moose on the beach near the Lake Whittlesey portage. 
Toadlet (they were everywhere on the trails). 
Pale corydalis
Deluxe trail - portage from Lake Whittlesey to Chippewa Harbor.
18' canoe + 5' 1.5" human = tail end of canoe hitting rocks/steps at times. 
Gay wings/Fringed polygala (blooming way out of season).
Spotted while portaging canoe, photographed by my camping partner. 
What a year for fungus!!
Chippewa Harbor:
Shipwreck, Chippewa Harbor
Orchid species; near rock outcrop on trail to Lake Mason
Unidentified shrub, growing along creek from Lake Richey to Chippewa Harbor
Chippewa Harbor, looking out towards Lake Superior.
 Malone Bay:
Apparently slugs found me very attractive one afternoon.   
Malone Bay
Wild rose species
I just couldn't resist snapping a photo of this little critter on the beach.
Siskiwit Lake to Wood Lake:
On a beach on the largest island on the largest lake on the largest island on the largest lake.
Ryan Island, Siskiwit Lake, looking towards Teakettle Island. 
Owl pellet found at campground on Wood Lake

Owl pellet
Itsy bitsy skull from owl pellet
A very busy caterpillar at Wood Lake
Malone Bay:
Isle Royale shawl - Malone Bay

Finished these socks on the ferry ride to Isle Royale. They served me well.
Three Irish Girls - Deadheads color way.


Adam Schwartz-Lowe said...

Wonderful photos. I really need to carve out the time to go back up there. I think it's pushing 5 years now for me without a trip. Alas.

Lisaknits said...

Awesome Lisa. I enjoyed the photos

wildknits said...

Adam, you need to make the time. I have missed two fall trips - one due to truly bad weather (ferry wasn't making the run the day I was to go out and storms all week) and another the year I ran Sawtooth (would have been hard to put shoes on for a day or two it turns out).

Time on the island helps me "reset" and cope with the rest of the year. I am yearning for a spring trip though after seeing all of the (out-of-season) wildflowers.

Thanks Lisa! Those are but a fraction of the photos I took. It was so cold this year I had to carry my camera on an inside pocket, and sleep with it, to keep my batteries charged.