Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Walk Along 210

I volunteered at the Voyageur's Revenge mountain bike race today. The temperatures dropped steadily throughout the day, making it a cold day for spectating, but great for the racers. I was posted about 1.5 miles up Hwy 210 where racers left the trail on the south side of 210, rode for a short time on the pavement, and then crossed back into the trails on the north side. 

After the various races were over I opted to walk back down the highway and took a few photos along the way:
Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)

Close up of the flower.

Including flower spikes and leaves.

Coreopsis species (C. lanceolata?)

Coreopsis species (C. Lanceolata?)
By the time the races were over the temperature had dropped into the mid 50's. Cold enough to cause the bees to be a lot easier to photograph then normal.

Cold bee on thistle

The new Mission Creek mountain bike trails look like a lot of fun to ride and I anticipate heading out there soon for a little two wheeled exploring. 

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