Sunday, June 15, 2014

Almost Summer

But you could fool us here on the edge of Lake Superior. Well, other then the swarms of mosquitoes.

Weather has remained cool and wet leading to trails that are rapidly becoming too saturated for (ethical) use. And just after they become useable once the frost left them!

Wildflowers are blooming which leads to great discoveries on any outing on the trails.
Clintonia/Bluebead Lily/Corn Lily

Mayflower/Wild Lily-of-the-Valley

Apologies to Rick and Wayne for misidentifying this one yesterday:
Rosybells/Rose Twisted Stalk
 Still need to key this one out as I am not familiar with it:

Strawberry species

 I haven't properly keyed this one out yet either, but know it's general identity:
Wild Pea or Vetch or Vetchling


Viola species

Sarsaparilla species - flowers are beginning to fade
 Another unknown. Widespread along the Carlton Trail

Pale Corydalis

Large-flowered Trillium
 Large-flowered Trillium as it ages:

Nodding Trillium


Yellow Ladyslippers

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