Friday, June 14, 2013

Scouting the Voyageur/Curnow Course

Taken on a little outing to check out options for the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra/Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon course:
Large-flowered Trillium

An interesting solution to one of the washed out spots in the Zapps Loop/Mission Creek area

Checking out a slump in the Fond du Lac neighborhood


Adoxa moschatellina - the flower

Adoxa moschatellina - the entire community in this location

More Large-flowered Trillium - they were carpeting the woods, and about a month late this year in blooming

Wood Anemone

Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

Wild Oats

Round-lobed Hepatica

Round-lobed Hepatica



One of the Powerline hills - this part of the hill suffered a bit in the flood - getting steeper. The stream crossing is also a changed.

Slumps on both sides and a running surface about 6" wide = fun!

Another view of this section of the Powerline trail


Julie said...

Wonderful photos!

Brad said...

Do you know what kind of mushrooms those are? I saw them all over the place up by Lutsen on the SHT this week. I was thinking that I should have had you with to tell me about all of the plants!

wildknits said...

Brad - I wish I knew!! Mushroom identification is not something I have delved too deeply into. They look, on the surface, similar to chanterelle's. But you really need to do spore prints to narrow down the identification. Alas, these little guys were on their way out the next time I passed by the area.

As many know, I love acting as a naturalist on a long run. It's like meeting up with long-lost friends.

This is a great time in the woods, lots of cool plants blooming. Plus all of the harbinger's of fall (fireweed and asters to name a couple).