Sunday, October 02, 2011

Running the Superior Hiking Trail

Early October long runs on the SHT

What an incredible weekend to run the Superior Hiking Trail!!

Saturday I headed out from Bayfront Park with Wayne to run 20 miles. We were eventually joined by Ron who had started out west. It was quite cold that morning, with frost coating many plants. The clear skies did lead to a lovely day for a run. And temps eventually warmed into the low 50's.

For whatever reason I felt pretty off for much of the run and thought about dropping out more than once. By the time we reached Magney-Snively I was thinking about how nice it would be to sit in the sun while I waited for Ron and Wayne to finish and come back to get me with the car ;->

I persisted (with the support of my friends) and in the next stretch to Ely's Peak I started to feel better and was able to pick up the pace and enjoy the last 5 miles of the run. I ended the run feeling ready to go on - a good sign with two 50Ks pending in the next month.

Today I (along with Wayne and Rick) headed out to a new section of the SHT. I wanted to get in a 10 mile run and it seemed a good time to check out the trail between Duluth and Two Harbors. With a bit of research I settled on the Sucker River to Fox Farm Rd section. It was much warmer today, with temperatures reaching the low 70's on the interior ridges. The trail is surrounded by a forest mostly comprised of hardwoods and the colors are reaching their peak. I spent a lot of time on the outbound leg stopping to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

An out and back course allows you to see new things on the same section of trail. Certain views only become evident when moving in one direction or the other. This was most evident with the campsite which I passed by without seeing on the outbound leg. On the way back it was also easier to enjoy the openings in the trees that allowed glimpses of Lake Superior and the hills between.

The entire run today felt great and I was able to push things a bit, finishing strong. This has me feeling a bit more optimistic about my upcoming races. We ended the day by heading to Knife River and it's beach to ice our legs in Lake Superior.


Finished sewing the zipper into the Tomten Jacket!

It is ready to be delivered to my co-worker and her new baby. This frees me up to finish off the socks I have been working on and maybe start designing a vest for Mr. Wildknits.


Doug said...

It was a wonderful weekend to be outside.

wildknits said...

Indeed it was Doug!!

Saw you pedaling by Friday on Skyline near Enger while I was out hiking "my section" of the SHT.

Mike W. said...

Let me see 2 50k's in the next month, your first ultra of the year is Wild Duluth, so does this mean we will be seeing you at Surf the Murph?

Glad you persevered on your run and turned it around.

wildknits said...

Why yes Mike, I did get back on the crazy train and signed up for Surf the Murph (50K - stayed off the 50 mile train).

I had a lot of help in finishing up that run Saturday - Wayne and Ron wouldn't cooperate in my plan to sit in the sun and wait for a ride ;->