Thursday, September 29, 2011

Isle Royale Fall Vacation

Isle Royale September 2011

What a trip!!

My hiking partner and I decided to base camp and explore the eastern end of the island via day hikes (and runs, in my case). The weather was pretty ideal. It was a relaxed trip overall, just what I needed.

Returned home and left the next day for southern Minnesota and another kind of camping (this time in a state park). Spent the evening helping Larry Pederson flag the route for the In Yan Teopa 10 mile trail race. Saturday was race day. Despite waking up and not feeling really inspired to run I seemed to rally and had a good race.

Next up: Wild Duluth 50K in a little over two weeks. My first ultra of 2011!


Wayne said...

Looks like fun - might need a guided tour some day! The Tower looks cool. Is the lighthouse accessible?

SteveQ said...

You were telling everybody how you've been injured all year and haven't been able to run - and then won your age class, again. Way to sandbag the competition!

wildknits said...

Wayne - the lighthouse is accessible via boat. Some year I will bring a canoe. Guided tour?!?! Hmmm... sure you are willing to commit to my type of backpacking trip?

Steve - No sandbagging, I only started running a few months ago with any intent. I just may be more well rested than my competition who have been racing more this season.