Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursdays ARE for Running To Work

Today I ran to work! And back home!

My last run in this series was 2/24/11 (the week the initial injury occurred that after much denial was diagnosed as a stress fracture).

It felt hard! My legs felt slow, my pack felt heavy, and my breathing felt off. I tried to focus on taking it easy yet keeping the pace up (this is a road run so a good opportunity to work on speed).

I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at work in a time that would have thrilled me last year!

The run home was a challenge. The wind was out of the east (off Lake Superior) at 15 mph with gusts of an unknown velocity that were high enough to slow me down almost to a stop. I had only made it a block from work when I was laughing at the absurdity of trying to maintain any type of pace in these conditions.

I chose to use a local hiking trail to climb the final mile up the hill, which allowed a break from the wind and pavement, and then it was back at it for the final blocks to my house (and the 36 step climb to the front porch).

My leg is feeling great (aka there is no pain) and I am hopeful that I will now be able to start building mileage again as well as getting back the conditioning lost over the past 3 months.

I am not planning on running any Ultras this summer but hope to be back for my 3rd Wild Duluth event in October.

Being injured has freed me up to volunteer at even more races and I have been having fun taking pictures at various events and had a blast at Zumbro 100, Chippewa 50K and up at the Spring Superior Races in May where I worked the finish line. I already let Andy Holak know I was available to resume my old post at the Jay Cooke Aid Station for Voyageur. I highly encourage everyone to spend some time volunteering at a trail race!

Other Stuff

Knitting on the secret project is progressing well, though when I discovered a mistake 32 rows back I was a bit heartbroken. 117 stitches per row all ripped back. On the other hand this yarn is a lovely merino that is an absolute joy to knit, so reknitting it wasn't too devastating.

The weather in northern Minnesota has been cool and wet. Very cool, very wet. Spring has been slow to come and while much of Minnesota was sweltering in 100+ degree heat we were barely getting into the 60's here next to the Lake. While I am not a fan of temps in the triple digits I am ready for it to warm up a bit and stay there.

We have yet to get the garden in (and there are frost warnings tonight so I am glad I don't have to be out there covering the plants). The weeds and lawn are going crazy though and there is much to do in the yard to prepare for the vegetables and keep the lawn under control (mowing a slope means you try very hard not to let the grass get too long).

I have had the motorcycle (1984 BMW R65) out a couple of times after successfully changing the oil and filter myself (with much tutoring from Mr. Wildknits) and doing a few other maintenance items. The winter gloves are still in rotation as the temps are just too cool for my fingers otherwise.

Sunday I got out for my first mountain bike ride on the single track at the Piedmont trails. I had already run that morning and my legs were toast! I ended up walking a few more sections of trail than normal.

I have been trying to commute via bicycle as much as possible and figured out a way to layer up that kept me warm(ish) down to the upper 20's. The strong winds this spring have added a bit of resistance training to those commutes as well! I have been enjoying those commutes and plan to keep them in the mix as the summer progresses.


SteveQ said...

The comeback begins! I'm hoping some miracle will let me do Voyageur (I signed up a while ago).

Doug said...

Great news you're back to running without any pain.

wildknits said...

@Steve. I will be working an aid station at Voyageur. i decided for the best recovery I had to take all races off the plate this summer (well, except for a small town 5K in two weeks, and I only just signed up for that). My doctor thought I could be ready for Voyageur initially, but it has taken longer to get back to running.

I expect to see you there in one capacity or another ;->

@Doug - thanks! In the meantime the bike commuting is going well and I am learning to embrace this mode of transport more and more. Getting a new, more comfy saddle for the commuter helped a lot! And I am getting better at climbing the hill at the end of the day ;->

Mike said...

Glad to hear you are back running again, of course I am jealous when I hear you still have speed :-).

Anonymous said...