Sunday, May 08, 2011

Not much

Things I have been up to of late:
  • taking photos at the NMTC Runs
  • knitting (finished the toe socks, started and set aside a scarf, started and set aside another pair of socks, and now working on a secret project).
  • checking out what is blooming:

  • Watching the new bird arrivals:
  • White-throated sparrow


What I am not doing yet is running. I spent two weeks in an air cast and taking it very easy. Last Wednesday 15 days after the diagnosis (and many, many weeks after the initial injury)I ran for 10 minutes. No pain!! The next day I continued to be pain free until I squatted down to get a chart off of a very low shelf at work and tweaked the injury site. Apparently the fibula plays a role in this type of movement! The area got progressively more achey as the day went on and I spent time both at work and at home icing it.

Since then I have not run and went back to using the air cast as well (mostly as a reminder what not to do!). Yesterday I walked about three miles (in two separate walks) and today the leg is feeling okay. So, I am thinking if there is no increase in the level of discomfort tomorrow I may try another short run.

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