Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spruce Trail Ski- Jay Cooke State Park

How I spent my Sunday afternoon - in pictures:

At the trail junction with the High Trail

Looking back along the access trail

Looking in the direction we will be traveling

Who's been at work here???

Mr. Wildknits entering a spruce/cedar tunnel

Contemplating a big climb... for those of you who have ever run the NMTC Bull Run this ought to look familiar

Above and Below: View from atop the ridge we had just climbed

Birch on it's tip toes ;->

I am not normally a fan of big/steep hills while cross-country skiing and had forgotten about some of the hills out here! Only had to sit once on my way down a hill. One fall, after successfully navigating a steep descent and then ascent with a 90 degree turn at the top. No good explanation for it - was at a bit of an angle and simply went over - kind of like a tree - too bad no one was there to yell "timber". Took me a bit to sort out skis and poles and the angle of the trail in order to get back up. Luckily we were the only people out there so I didn't have to worry about blocking someone else's access to the trail while I floundered around.

Yesterday I joined Rick in Moose Lake for a hilly 15 mile run. Later today it is off to the YMCA for 1-3 games of indoor soccer (depending on if other teams need an additional player, how many players show up on my team, and how much energy I have).

Knitting Olympic update:
Bit behind where I should be at. Almost finished with sock one, but already past the halfway point of the Olympics so need to get a move on! I am finding that a headlamp worn around the neck and angled 'just so' makes it possible to see the stitches well enough for decreases. This is the most light absorbing yarn I have used it years - or my eyes are getting old.


Samantha said...

I'm glad you were able to make it out! I have Thursday/Friday off this week so I should be able to hang out with my dad when he's here.

wildknits said...

Nice to finally get some time off Sam. Yes - it turned out to be a nice day for a ski. Glopped on the purple stuff (I refuse to use klister - skis get put away when it is that warm). Had an interesting moment when I picked up a pine cone - took a bit to get that unstuck ;->

Chris said...

Looks like it was a gorgeous day!