Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just under the wire

"Black Hole" socks

These were completed (ends worked in and everything) during the closing ceremonies. I had finished the first sock at about the halfway point of the games, yet most of the knitting on the second sock was accomplished in the last few days around work (and even at work - thank you hour long meetings!!), some socializing, and a lot of running and other recreating.

It has been incredibly warm (for February) and sunny here which almost resulted in a career ending setback when I finished up a nice easy 4 mile run today by laying down in the back of the car in a nice sunny spot out of the wind... I had my knitting along and had intended on working on the sock while I waited for Wayne to finish up his longer run but rather than knitting I dozed off for about an hour.

Sundays are for soccer and due to lack of players I managed to be on the pitch from 4:45 pm - 7:00 pm, another potential setback to winning the gold. Fortunately I had reached the toe decreases by the time I headed out for the games. Arrived home to discover that the closing ceremonies were still on and the torch was still lit!

Quick meal and then it was time to finish those socks! Now I have the leisure to go back and eat a bit more heartily ;->

And get back to the hat I am knitting for a very patient runner out there.

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Chris said...

Congrats on your gold medal finish!