Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's are for running to work

And today I remembered to bring a camera, and to leave early enough to be able to use it!

Temperature when I left my house: -10 F. No real wind to speak of. In the first mile I gained about 200 feet in elevation, then gradually crept up another 100 feet or so before descending over 600 feet on my way back down the hillside and to my place of employment. Total distance: 4.1 miles.

Sunrise over Lake Superior and the St. Louis River estuary

Aspen and birch lit up by the rising sun - hillside above Skyline Boulevard

40th Ave W., just before the first hairpin turn on the descent into West Duluth.
I work in the neighborhood at the base of this hill.

Hillside above 40th Ave W. Ridgeline in the distance is home to a section of the SHT,
plateau in the foreground is Skyline Boulevard.

Looking back up 40th Ave. W.
At work - just a little frosty around the edges!

I was thinking it would be neat to see what other bloggers commutes look like. Care to share?


Chris said...


My commute's not as pretty as that.

SteveQ said...

Please don't take it the wrong way, but when I saw the last photo, I thought "Snow Monkey!"

I keep saying I'll post photos... maybe some day I will.

wildknits said...

But that is what would be interesting - could you find a more scenic route Chris?

Steve - no worries - you do have a point ;->

Wayne said...

I don't know what an estuary is, but I like that first picture a lot.

wildknits said...

Wayne - found this nice explanation:

"...the definitions vary. However, three common characteristics are frequently used to define these systems: 1) a drowned river mouth; 2) a zone where lake and river waters mix; and 3) influence from seiche or wind tides. A fourth characteristic that some, but not all, freshwater estuaries have, is a bar or spit that partially encloses the river mouth."

Pretty much describes the St. Louis River where it enters the Duluth/Superior area, forms the harbor/bay. We even have the 4th characteristic - Minnesota Point (aka Park Point)/Wisconsin Point.