Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pattern for "Runner's Hat"

So - hoping this works out as the technology is new to me. Due to the knitter's font I used to make the chart I couldn't just cut and past this pattern into the blog - it would have ended up looking like a bunch of a's and O's and would have been a bit hard to decipher. Instead I have created a jpeg. If you click on the image it will open up like a photo, from there you should be able to print it.

I am about to embark on test knitting this pattern in it's newly revised form (more stitches to accommodate the typical adult head vs my slightly smaller than average head), using some shetland fingering weight I had in natural sheep colors. Had to wind this yarn off of a couple of cones I had stashed away.

I make no promises that there are not mistakes in the pattern at this point and will post any errata I discover. Feel free to use the pattern as you like, just remember to credit the creator!



Londell said...

What a lost art... My grandma knitted all the time, I never see it much anymore. Looking forward to a picture of the fine hat when completed!

wildknits said...

Londell, you can see a photo of the original hat - it was posted right after New Years' Day.

In my world there are lots of knitters - think it is a matter of who you hang out with ;-> Guys (unless they knit) probably 'see' it less.

The second hat (off of this pattern) is looking very different, amazing what changing the colors can do!